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Corporate governance

The Company has a comprehensive corporate governance framework that defines the relationship between the Company and its shareholders and other stakeholders, and the relationship between the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors.

The framework consists of systems and policies that cover the management of assets and risks to support the Company’s financial condition and the achievement of our growth objectives; our compliance with statutory provisions; the development of our human resources; our safety and environmental management practices; and our corporate culture.

The GCG framework is reinforced by various guidelines and controls, including the internal control system, the risk management system, the internal audit, the Code of Business Principles, the Articles of Association, the Unilever Business Partner Code, the Sustainable Agriculture Code and our quality management systems, as well as our business processes and standard operating procedures. Together, these ensure that good corporate governance is applied effectively and consistently throughout the organisation.

In Indonesia, Unilever operates through 4 Companies. They are PT. Unilever Indonesia , Tbk, PT. Unilever Enterprise Indonesia, PT. Unilever Oleochemical Indonesia, dan PT. Unilever Trading Indonesia.

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