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Unilever Indonesia Foundation

On November 27, 2000, Unilever Indonesia Foundation (UIF) UIF came to Indonesia with various noble goals: seeking to empower potential and provide added value to society by uniting strengths with its partners and increasing the effectiveness of activities through partnerships.

The ideas of sustainable development and growing together with the community cannot be separated from the visionary concept of the former Chairman and CEO of Unilever Indonesia from 1998 to 2003: Nihal Kaviratne. As the leader of the company, he was very concerned about efforts to build corporate culture through organizational transformation and change as well as corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

At that time, the community empowerment program carried out by Unilever Indonesia was still uneven and not yet integrated, so the results were far from optimal and unsustainable. Then the Unilever Indonesia Foundation was established to carry out various integrated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs and activities.

For more than 20 years, the Unilever Indonesia Foundation has provided so many positive benefits for Indonesian society across generations and provinces. These programs that we run are no longer limited to CSR or temporary charitable activities. However, all programs run by the Unilever Indonesia Foundation are sustainable, and the activities are integrated with the company's business strategies.

The role of the Unilever Indonesia Foundation is undeniably crucial for companies to implement various activities aimed at providing positive benefits, not only for the public but also for the environment. Following the company's sustainable business concepts, which are stated in the "The Unilever Compass", our strategies include growing businesses that are purpose-led, relevant, and able to compete in the future (i.e. future-fit).

The Unilever Indonesia Foundation has the great goal of enacting real and positive sustainable changes for both the planet and society. Initiatives through various sustainable activities aim to improve planetary health as well as the health, self-confidence, and welfare of all communities and ultimately achieve a better community life. In addition, Unilever also contributes to a more just and socially inclusive world.

In carrying out these programs together with our partners in the field, the Unilever Indonesia Foundation operates according to its vision and mission: ensure that Unilever's brand and purpose can carry out its business functions in the most sustainable manner in Indonesia.

The Unilever Indonesia Foundation continues to take a proactive approach to its partners to design various programs that are suitable for community development. All programs implemented by the Unilever Indonesia Foundation always emphasize the quality rather than quantity aspects of a program. For the Unilever Indonesia Foundation, the most important goal is to ensure that each program is run sustainably.

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