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Our Strategy

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Our history

Find out more about our journey in Indonesia.

A Sustainable Business

In 1883, Sunlight Soap was introduced in the UK by our founder. At that time, its presence was cutting edge and highly innovative, and it had a strong sense of purpose: to make cleanliness accessible to everyone, without exception. Today, we have 400 leading brands worldwide, and we keep "purpose-led" at the heart of our business.

We aim to bring even more good to the planet and society. We want to play a role in addressing the world's social and environmental issues as we improve people's health and wellbeing through our products.

For over 120 years, we have been at the forefront of business, creating countless innovations, and we will continue to do so, accompanying society for the long haul. We are committed to doing this responsibly and sustainably.

Our Strategy

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Our ambition is to be a global leader in sustainable business that is purpose-led and future-fit.

To achieve this, we have five strategic steps.

You can download our compass strategy (PDF 501.03 KB)

Building a portfolio with the potential to drive high growth

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We focus on hygiene, body care, premium beauty products, plant-based foods, and beneficial nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

Adapting to the changes in society and its tastes for food.

Leading brands become a force for good

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We want to improve the health of the planet and the people. We also want to improve people's confidence and wellbeing while contributing to a more tolerant, fairer, and more socially inclusive world. Our brands play a crucial role in achieving these goals. Furthermore, all our brand innovations are driven by research and technology.

Powered by purpose and innovation.

Expanding business in the USA, India, China, and other key markets

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We will expand our business in the USA, India, and China while scaling up our business in other key markets.

Strengthening our presence in emerging markets.

Leading in the sales channels of the future

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We are accelerating our business in digital commerce and continuously developing new eB2B platforms, aiming to further our leadership by leveraging our knowledge to understand our consumers.

Developing innovative ways to reach our consumers.

Building a purpose-led and future-fit organisation

a diverse set of people

We focus on developing agile capabilities, undertaking digital transformation, and empowering our people with continuous knowledge that can be applied in the long term. We aim to be a company that promotes tolerance, diversity, and inclusion and fosters leaders with value.

Building a work culture that strives for continuous progress and sustainability.

Our strategic moves, our drivers

The values we uphold determine how we conduct our business, which is a business of integrity.

We expect all Unilever employees to be our ambassadors in upholding our high ethical standards.

We aim to create a work environment where employees embody our applied values—integrity, respect, responsibility, and pioneering—in their work, while also encouraging them to be vigilant in identifying potential issues and confident in speaking and acting with integrity, regardless of the circumstances.

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