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Investor FAQs


When is Unilever’s next results announcement?

Please kindly check our Financial calendar where you can set reminders for quarterly results, dividend payments and more.

How can I keep up to date with Unilever news and events?

Kindly find our updated news and media.


When are the dividends paid?

Unilever pays dividends twice a year. To view the dates for the current year please see the dividend calendar.

Where can I find out what dividends were paid in previous years?

The dividends that have been paid since 2010 are displayed on our website. To view the payment history for an individual stock, please visit dividend history to take a look at the amount and the date of previous dividend.

What should I do if I lose my share in physical form?

Step that needs to be addressed:

  1. Letter of Acceptance of Loss Report issued by the Police (by stating the Letter Number Lost Stock Collective)
  2. Statement Letter
  3. Letter of Report on lost shares and application for issuance of replacement shares from shareholders
  4. Power of Attorney, if the complainant is an authorised party
  5. Proof of the identity of the shareholder
  6. Application for Issuance of shares in the form of a script/warkat
  7. Lost advertisement announcement in newspapers

Download the forms that are required to be submitted (ZIP 38.2 KB)

How to nominate the other person in regards to my shareholding?

Step that needs to be addressed:

  1. Decree of Inheritance from a Religious Court/District Court or Notarial Deed of Inheritance or Letter
  2. Heir Information issued by Kelurahan/Kecamatan (Using Letterhead) (Legalised Copy)
  3. Death Letter / Deed of the Beneficiary (Copy)
  4. Death Letter / Deed and Statement of Inheritance from the heirs (if any of the heirs have passed away) (Copy)
  5. Power of Attorney of all Heirs to one designated Heir (Original)
  6. Family Card (Copy)
  7. Identity Card of all Heirs, Witnesses and Assignees (Copy)
  8. Power of Attorney for Name Reversal Management, when authorised (Original)
  9. Statement of Beneficiary (Original)
  10. Application for Issuance of Shares in the form of Script/Warkat (if the shares from the registration are not directly converted to KSEI/scripless collective custody) (Original)
  11. Stock Certificate (Original)

Download the forms that are required to be submitted (ZIP 39 KB)

What if I have not received any dividends since my share still uses my parents name?

If the shareholder which in this case parents, has died, then the shares must first be reversed the name to the heirs based on the terms that regulates the heir shares.

After the heirs have been listed as shareholders, dividends in the name of the deceased are eligible to be transferred to their heirs.

How to inform if there is any update in my data including my bank account?

Step that needs to be addressed:

  1. Fill out Shareholder Data Update Form (Shareholder Data Update Form (PDF 142.38 KB))
  2. Attach KTP / Valid Identity
  3. Attach Copy of Bank Account

For further inquiries, please kindly contact our BAE representative:

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