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Corporate Secretary

The Corporate Secretary, has overall responsibility for monitoring the Company’s compliance with the prevailing rules and regulations; ensuring that the shareholders, capital market authorities, investors, analysts and the public receive timely, complete and accurate information about all material matters relating to the Company; and ensuring the transparency of the Company’s disclosures and internal and external communications. The Corporate Secretary’s responsibilities include:

  1. Monitoring the Company’s compliance with the Company Law and other statutory provisions, the Articles of Association, Financial Services Authority and capital market rules and related statutory regulations, in close coordination with the Legal Department;
  2. Maintaining regular communications with the capital market regulatory agencies, including the Financial Services Authority and the Indonesia Stock Exchange, on all matters pertaining to governance, corporate actions and material transactions;
  3. Ensuring that shareholders and the general public are kept regularly informed about the Company’s actions, financial position and other material matters;
  4. Conducting General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors' and Commissioners' Meetings, as well as documenting the minutes of such meetings;
  5. Ensuring that both Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors are promptly informed of any relevant regulatory changes and that they understand their implications.
  6. Responsible for the Company's orientation programs for the Board of Directors and/or Commissioners.

The Investor Relations Division ensures a regular and open flow of communication between Unilever Indonesia’s management and the shareholders, analysts and investors to ensure that they are appraised of the latest information in the Company’s financial condition, performance and outlook, and to respond to any concerns and inquiries. The Company is committed to ensuring that all shareholders are treated equally with regard to the sharing of material information regarding the Company. The Investor Relations Division coordinates directly with the Chief Financial Officer.

The Company complies with the Financial Services Authority’s disclosure requirements by submitting regular reports to both the Financial Services Authority and the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Disclosures to both the IDX and the OJK are also submitted through their respective e-reporting facilities, IDXNet and the OJK Electronic Report System.

The Company engages with analysts and institutional investors several times a year through conference calls, meetings and gatherings. We hold a full public expose at least once a year to present our performance and activities to shareholders, the investor community and the general public. All such presentations and press releases are available on our website.

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