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Company's Prospectus

Prospectus was made at 17 November 1981 at Jakarta, for publicly offer 9,200,000 Registered Ordinary Shares at face (par) value of Rp. 1,000.00 per share; with offering price at Rp. 3,175.00 per share.

At 1981, Company’s product was sold at across Indonesia through a network that consist of more than 300 distributors and independent stocklist. Company products range from detergent, soaps, food ingredients, and cosmetics.

Company is a subsidiary of Unilever Group that provide various goods and services globally. At the public offer, Company is the subsidiary of Mavibel B.V., Rotterdam, Dutch, whose parent company is Unilever N.V., Rotterdam, Dutch. At the moment, Company’s share by Mavibel B.V has been redirected to Unilever Indonesia Holding, UIH B.V., whose parent company is also Unilever N.V., Rotterdam, Dutch.

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