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Profile of Audit Committee

Chairman of the Audit Committee & Independent Commissioner

Alexander Rusli

Appointed as Chairman of Audit Committee through decision of the Board of Commissioners at December 31, 2019.

He has no affiliation with fellow members of the Board of Commissioners, or members of the Board of Directors, or with majority shareholder.

Further details on his profile can be found in the Profile of the Board of Commissioners.

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Member of the Audit Committee

Dwi Martani

Indonesian citizen, born in Wonogiri, domiciled in Depok (age 45). She joined Unilever Indonesia as a member of the Audit Committee on 1 July 2016. She is currently also a member of the Audit Committee of PT Pertamina (Persero) (since April 2013), and is a member of the Government Accounting Standards Board, the Central Bank Accounting Policy Committee, the National Board Institute of Indonesian Accountants, and the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Certification Board of the Indonesian Institute of Public Accountants.

She is currently a lecturer in the Accounting Department, Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Indonesia (FEB UI) and is also a consultant and trainer at the Accounting Development Center FEB UI. She is active as a lecturer and trainer in seminars related to PSAK, IFRS, and Government Accounting Standards, Tax, Financial Statement Analysis, Finance, Management Accounting and Accounting Curriculum.

She served as a member of the Audit Committees of PT Adhi Karya (Tbk) (2005-2007) and TVRI (2008-2011). At the University of Indonesia Faculty of Economics and Business, she was formerly Head of the Accounting Department, Secretary of the Accounting Department, Head of the Accounting Laboratory and Head of Student Affairs in the Accounting Diploma. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, majoring in Accounting (1993) and a PhD in Finance (2004), both from the University of Indonesia.

Dwi Martani - Komite Audit

Haryanto Sahari

Indonesian citizen, born in Lahat, domiciled in Jakarta (age 61). Appointed as a member of Unilever Indonesia’s Audit Committee on 1 October 2016. He joined PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC Indonesia) in 1985 and is currently a Partner of PwC Indonesia.

His past experiences were as Country Senior Partner Indonesia (1996-2006), Partner (1990-1996), Manager (1987-1990), and Assistant Manager (1986-1987) at PwC Indonesia.

In his role as Country Senior Partner, he directed the firm’s services to both emerging local and multinational companies. He is a Certified Public Accountant, registered with the Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) for capital market, banking, and sharia banking and has broad experience in several audit engagements with the Ministry of Finance, banks and state-owned enterprises and private sector companies.

He graduated from the University of Indonesia with a Bachelor of Economics degree, majoring in Accounting (1982), and is affiliated with the Indonesian Accounting Association (IAI) and the Indonesian Institute of Public Accountants (IAPI).

Haryanto Sahari - Komite Audit