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Internal Audit Unit Activities

The IAU’s activities include the following:

  • Conducting audits and ad hoc audit investigations;
  • Assessing business process reviews;
  • Following up the implementation of agreed audit recommendations;
  • Supporting governance on risk management;
  • Being code champion for CoBP compliance, and Information Security and Gift Register;
  • Being champion on internal control management, which covers SoA, user access and SOX compliance testing;
  • Liaising and sharing best practices with the external audit;
  • Meeting regularly with the BoD and Audit Committee.

Reports on all the audits were submitted to the President Director and the Directors concerned after management had accepted the recommended actions.

The IAU follows up all audits to ensure that the recommended management actions are effectively implemented, or that senior management has accepted the risk of not taking action.

In addition to the internal audit activities performed by the Unilever Indonesia Internal Audit Unit, as part of the Global Unilever Network, we are also reviewed by the Global Corporate Audit every two to three years.

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