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BAZNAS, Bango and Royco Hold a Grand Iftar at Modern Boarding School al Amanah Junwangi


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Symbolization of collaboration in the "Sharing Delicious Dishes Full of Kindness" program presented by BAZNAS, Bango & Royco

The National Amil Zakat Agency (BAZNAS), in collaboration with Unilever Indonesia through the Bango and Royco brands, held a grand iftar event with 2,500 male and female students at Modern Boarding School al Amanah Junwangi. This activity continues the cooperation between BAZNAS, Bango and Royco in the “Berbagi Sajian Lezat Penuh Kebaikan” program, which is distributing 50,000 free iftar packages to 24 cities in Indonesia. This was also attended by the Board of Directors of Unilever Indonesia, the central and regional leadership of BAZNAS RI as well as several local community leaders.

Colonel Caj (Purn) Drs. Nur Chamdani the Head of BAZNAS RI of East Java as well as the upervisor and finance director of Human Resources and General Affairs of BAZNAS RI, said: "BAZNAS is again collaborating with Bango and Royco to implement social programs aimed at improving the quality of life of people in need.”

“After carrying out various forms of cooperation, including distributing 10,000 basic food packages to the poor at the beginning of 2024, this time BAZNAS, Bango and Royco are collaborating again in the ’Berbagi Sajian Lezat Penuh Kebaikan’ program by distributing delicious and nutritious free iftar packages in accordance with the ”Isi Piringku” guidelines and Halalan Thayyiban principles."

The Director of Nutrition, Unilever Indonesia, Amaryllis Esti Wijono responded: "For decades, Bango and Royco have continuously strived to provide goodness through various innovations and programs, which boil down to a commitment to improve public health by fulfilling balanced nutritional needs. This is especially true during Ramadan, which is not only a special moment for Muslims to get closer to Allah by improving the quality of faith and piety, but also to fellow humans by strengthening care for others."

For this reason, sharing kindness is a noble and recommended practice. Of all the forms of kindness in Ramadan, sharing nutritionally balanced food is one of the priorities because it can help others carry out their fasting obligations in a healthy and strong condition. This is what motivated BAZNAS, Bango and Royco to initiate the “Berbagi Sajian Lezat Penuh Kebaikan” program.

"Some time ago, this program was officially started through the Buka Puasa Akbar event at Istiqlal Mosque, involving 5,000 worshipers and mustahik. Throughout Ramadan, in total we will distribute 50,000 free iftar packages to 24 cities, namely Jakarta, Banjarmasin, Bojonegoro, Bone, Cirebon, Jombang, Kendari, Lampung, Madiun, Makassar, Malang, Medan, Padang, Palangkaraya, Pamekasan, Pekanbaru, Ponorogo, Purwokerto, Solo, Tasikmalaya, Tuban, Tulungagung, Yogyakarta, and today in Sidoarjo Regency, Surabaya. Not only that, but also in each city we will disseminate education about the importance of eating Halalan Thayyiban food, especially in the month of Ramadan," Amaryllis continued.

Ustadz Dr. KH Ahmad Muzakky Al-Hafidz, MA the Grand Imam of Al-Akbar National Mosque Surabaya, explained: "When we share with others during Ramadan, the food should be Halalan Thayyiban. In addition to ensuring the halal aspect of the ingredients and the process, this concept also teaches us that the quality of the food plays a very important role.”

“Thayyib food – which is nutritious, healthy and also delicious – will enable a person to lead a healthy and productive life, especially when they are fasting. By practicing the concept of Halalan Thayyiban, Insyaa Allah, sharing this food will bring a lot of goodness to those who consume it."

The “Berbagi Sajian Lezat Penuh Kebaikan” program will reach mustahik consisting of the poor, orphans, and students and female students. Boarding School are one of the target beneficiaries because they are seen as effective communities in disseminating various positive behaviors through peer-to-peer learning. The hope is that with intense interactions between the students and female students who live and study in Boarding School, this iftar activity can inspire them to model and imitate the habit of consuming a healthy, nutritionally balanced food.

The Iftar packages include delicious, nutritionally balanced dishes in accordance with the “Isi Piringku” guidelines, including fried chicken and egg stews that are not only delicious but also rich in animal protein, which is absolutely necessary for the body during fasting.

Regarding today's event, KH. Nurcholis Misbah, the Founder and Caretaker of Modern Boarding School al Amanah Junwangi said: "Thank you to BAZNAS, Bango and Royco for involving our Islamic boarding school in this program. Insyaa Allah, today's Buka Puasa Akbar activity is an effort that ensures the fulfillment of Halalan Thayyiban nutrition for our male and female students. Not only during Ramadan, but it can also continue to be a good habit in the future."

Zaskia Adya Mecca, a celebrity known for her social awareness, commented: "For all of us, breaking our fast with a delicious, nutritionally balanced menu is a necessity. But for many people in need, this is a luxury that they may not be able to enjoy every day. I believe this event that Bango and Royco are doing today is very beneficial and allows us to share kindness with the younger generations of students so that they can be more enthusiastic about fasting with adequate nutrition. Insyaa Allah, this activity can bring blessings to all."

The distribution of free iftar packages will be carried out in stages in 22 other cities involving the Regional BAZNAS to ensure that it can be carried out smoothly and right on target.

"Insha Allah, these activities will inspire all parties to continue to compete in sharing kindness, especially during the month of Ramadan, when the fulfillment of balanced nutrition, Insha Allah, will help others to worship more solemnly and meaningfully," concluded Amaryllis.

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