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#AKSICANTIK by Sunsilk, Citra, and Glow & Lovely Empowers Students in Banjarmasin


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As a positive action and a concrete manifestation of sustainable #AksiCantik; Sunsilk, Citra and Glow & Lovely held a series of womenpreneur, women education & craftpreneur activities for young Muslim women in Banjarmasin.

AksiCantik Training Program: Santri Berseri (Bercahaya, Sehat dan Percaya Diri)

Banjarmasin, February 7th 2024 - Often women are seen only in terms of their beauty and physical appearance. However, true beauty also radiates from kindness and actions that have an impact and are sustainable. Kindness can be more lasting and leave impressions than mere physical beauty. Therefore #AksiCantik is not just about taking care of yourself, but also about taking care of acts of kindness. Sunsilk, Citra and Glow & Lovely really understand the conditions currently being experienced by many women and with their positive actions which help to empower young women, especially Muslim women, through #AksiCantik program.

Sandeep Kohli, Director of Beauty and Wellbeing Unilever Indonesia, said, "In line with Unilever's commitment to always support Muslim community in Indonesia, we run many educational and entrepreneurship programs aimed at improving the quality and empowerment of Muslim women in Indonesia. Hopefully this positive activity can reach, touch and have an impact on more female Muslim students throughout Indonesia."

Participated by 600 female Muslim students at the Al Hikmah Kelayan Islamic Boarding School, this activity was an invitation to start acts of kindness through women's empowerment. Apart from that, this action was also supported and attended by the Ministry of Religion of South Kalimantan Province, Mr. H. Ahmad Sawiti, S.Ag., M.H.I and the Head of PP Al Hikmah Banjarmasin, Mr. Ustadz H. Agus Salim, Lc, M.Hi.

Support and a warm welcome were delivered by Mr. H. Ahmad Sawiti, S.Ag., M.H.I, Head of the Religious Education and Islamic Religious Education Division of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion, South Kalimantan Province. "I am very grateful, grateful and fully support the collaboration between the Ministry of Religion and Unilever which has been established since 2021 through various activities so that this year #AksiCantik activity can be held at PP Al-Hikmah Kelayan. Thank God, this activity can provide benefits, especially in terms of education and business, it is hoped that it will motivate female Muslim students to continue to achieve and realize their dreams.”

“Apart from that, I also hope that programs like #AksiCantik can expand and reach more Islamic boarding schools in South Kalimantan Province. "This real program and action not only provides inspiration, but also underlines the importance of empowering women as part of acts of kindness to build true beauty for young Muslim women in Banjarmasin," Ahmad concluded.


In an effort to realize women's empowerment, Sunsilk, Citra, and Glow & Lovely have taken concrete steps through #AksiCantik program which is designed to help women, especially Muslim women. By providing a platform and opportunity to build acts of kindness.

Several inspiring young women were also presented as speakers in this activity, including Marsha Natika, Content Creator and Business Woman, in a talk show session with Sunsilk which carried the theme "Make Your Business Shinier in the Digital World!", Enta Fadila, LPDP RI scholarship recipient and Co Founder of, in a class and talk show session with Glow & Lovely which brought the theme "Higher Education to Achieve Your Glowing and Make Your Dreams Come True", Ayu Muniarti, Artist and Craftpreneur, in a class and talk show session with Citra who brought the theme "Develop Creativity and Start Your Business"

With the presence of a variety of positive actions that continue to strengthen the empowerment of female Muslim students to continue carrying out good actions in the fields of education, business and everyday life. Let's resonate kindness as a real form of beauty through #AksiCantik.

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