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The “Every U Does Good” Campaign Synergizes the Strength of the Company's Purpose


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Jakarta, 18 Agustus 2021 – PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk. today relaunched the "Every U Does Good" campaign to invite consumers to do good in a simple way, that is by choosing products or brands that can provide positive benefits for the environment and society. Launched to coincide with the week of Indonesia's Independence celebrations, this campaign also holds the "Every U Does Good Heroes" program to find young figures who are able to realize their purpose and contribute towards a better Indonesia.

Launching EUDG 2021

Ira Noviarti, President Director of PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk. said, "'The Unilever Compass' places purpose or noble goals as the 'heart' of everything we do – both as employees, brands and companies. We believe that business should be able to be part of the solution to various problems the world faces. This is stated in the three pillars of goodness that we always prioritize, namely: (1) Improve the health of the planet, (2) Improve people’s health, confidence and wellbeing, and (3) Contribute to a fairer, more socially inclusive world."

Especially in difficult times, these three focuses become a strong foundation for Unilever Indonesia to continue making a positive impact on the environment and society. One of the ways this determination is manifested is through the purpose of a series of Unilever Indonesia brands, which now play an increasingly stronger role as a force for good or a driver of goodness.

"Through the 'Every U Does Good' campaign, we want to educate the public to do good by becoming wiser consumers in choosing products. When they choose brands that have a purpose, they are directly contributing in sustainable efforts to provide goodness to the environment and society," continued Ira.

A total of 16 Unilever Indonesia brands which are very close to consumers' daily lives are involved in this campaign, namely Rexona, Sariwangi, Sunsilk, Pepsodent, Sunlight, Rinso, Clear, Lifebuoy, Vaseline, Wall's, Bango, Glow & Lovely, Love Beauty Planet, Buavita , Royco, and Dove Hair. Each of them has a different purpose in accordance with Unilever's three pillars of goodness. (See fact sheet for more detailed info)

The spirit of this campaign is very much in line with the needs of consumers, especially the millennials. Research shows that they are now share concern about environmental and social issues and actively looking for brands or companies that can help them realize their hopes of a greener, healthier, more prosperous, fairer, and inclusive Indonesia.

Adisti Bramanti, Commercial Director of Kantar Indonesia, Worldpanel Division explained, "Kantar's study shows that even though we are still amid of a pandemic, this has not reduced consumers' concern about various environmental and social issues. More than 50% of Indonesian consumers admitted that they had been encouraged to take real action. For example, 20% of Indonesian consumers are now trying to reduce waste. This figure shows an increase from the previous year and millennials are a group that cares more about these efforts than other groups. Apart from hoping for government initiatives, consumers also rely on producers or brands to play a role." 1

One millennial figure who has a strong purpose to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment is Muhammad Bijaksana Junerosano. Sano believes, "The waste problem in Indonesia is a complicated matter that should be a shared responsibility. I believe that this sense of responsibility must start with a strong purpose to make a change. For this reason, since the beginning of college, I set a goal to establish an organization that invites people to care more about the environment, especially #BijakKelolaSampah, which was later realized through the Greeneration Foundation and Waste4Change."

Apart from that, millennial concern for social issues is quite an important pillar, especially in creating an inclusive environment. Nicky Clara, a disability womanpreneur figure can invite the Indonesian people to change negative perceptions and stigma about people with disabilities. "Driven from the purpose to create disability-inclusive in Indonesia, for me 'limitation is only a mindset'; limitations are not an obstacle in making real impact. Because limitations are just a thought within ourselves to disempower us," he said bluntly.

Millennials like Sano and Nicky have succeeded in proving that individuals who have a purpose will provide a wide range of benefits of kindness. For this reason, the "Every U Does Good" campaign is holding a search program for "Every U Does Good Heroes" which will be opened in September to find young figures who are aligned with Unilever, and have a strong purpose for the environment and society.

Participants can register via and choose one of the three pillars of goodness that best suits their purpose. Then, the candidates who pass the first stage will have the opportunity to receive a series of useful training, including from a series of inspirational mentors such as Sano and Nicky. Finally, next December, ten selected heroes will receive micro-grants and more intensive mentoring from mentors who are experts in their fields, including several mentors from the Unilever Indonesia team, to start or expand the scale of their programs.

"We believe that increasingly close synergy between companies, brands and individuals who have a purpose will be able to accelerate and expand the impact of good that is our common goal. Hopefully the entire series of 'Every U Does Good' campaigns can inspire all parties to contribute to a better Indonesia, according to their respective roles," concluded Ira.


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