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BoD Competency Improvement

The Directors are expected to commit themselves to continuous learning to ensure that their professional knowledge, competencies and leadership skills keep pace with the latest developments in their respective fields. As such, they participate in various executive training and education programmes, seminars and conferences throughout the year. The training program attended by members of the Board of Directors in 2017 is explained more clearly in Annual Report 2017 (PDF | 9MB) (PDF 8.66 MB) page 86-87.

Pelatihan dan Orientasi Direksi

Orientation and Guidance

Directors are given a full orientation to their responsibilities when they are first appointed, in the form of an induction program prepared by the Corporate Secretary. The program covers a review of various documents, provided in soft copy and hard copy, including the Company’s annual reports, the Articles of Association, the CoBP and Charter of the Committees, as well as relevant rules and regulations. They also receive a comprehensive Director’s Charter for reference.

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