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Improve People’s Health, Confidence and Wellbeing

Unilever Indonesia believes that access to adequate health care is a fundamental right for everyone and not a privilege. The public can collectively help fix this problem because no one person should be neglected. In line with Unilever's noble goals, we are continuing to play a role through the programs we carry out to improve the Improve people’s health, confidence and wellbeing.

School Health Program

Program Sekolah Sehat

This school health program aims to foster children's hygiene and health behavior from an early age; it empowers UKS and creates behavioral changes by providing education and strengthening an understanding of the importance of Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS) at both school and home. The following habits conveyed in this School Health Program are supported by our brand: (1) education about preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases; (2) handwashing with soap, (3) brushing teeth morning and night; (4) balancing nutritious food and healthy lifestyles; (5) encouraging hygienic toilet and bathroom habits; and (6) waste management. This program is collaborating with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, Ministry of Health, Professional institutions and local NGO partners. This integrated School Health Program has reached more than 10 million children in more than 40,000 schools and Islamic boarding schools in various parts of Indonesia.

Mothers Program - Ibu Sehat Keluarga Sejahtera Program (Bu Karsa)

Bu Karsa

As a manifestation of Unilever Indonesia's commitment to improve health and hygiene in the community, we have been collaborating with our partner, PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) by creating the “Ibu Sehat Keluarga Sejahtera (Bu Karsa)” to educate mothers in Indonesia. We believe that women, especially mothers and public figures, play an important role in maintaining the health of their families. In this program, mothers are given education and reinforcement regarding Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS), nutritious and nutritious food, waste management in the household, and welfare. This program has reached 500,000 mothers and families in 12 provinces spread throughout Indonesia.

National Oral Health Month (BKGN)

Bulan Kesehatan Gigi Nasional

The National Oral Health Month (BKGN) is an annual event of the Pepsodent toothpaste brand which has been held since 2010 in collaboration with the Indonesian Dentist Association (PDGI) and the Association of Indonesian Dental Faculty (AFDOKGI). BKGN is held nationally to provide free dental treatment and education to more than HALF A MILLION Indonesians.

World Oral Health Day Program (WOHD)

Program Hari Kesehatan Gigi dan Mulut Sedunia

Since it was first implemented in 2015, Pepsodent has partnered with 150 branches of the Indonesian Dental Association (PDGI) throughout Indonesia involving 5,000+ dentists to organize school health programs for 150,000+ children.

Pepsodent’s Dental Expert Centre Program (PDEC)

Program Pepsodent Dental Expert Centre (PDEC)

Pepsodent is committed to providing education to all Indonesians about the importance of brushing teeth in the morning and evening as well as visits to the dentist every six months. This is manifested through establishing the largest dental education and entertainment (edutainment) center in Jakarta since 2013. This center has been designed to help the whole community get their dental and oral health checkups and education for free.

Since 2021, PDEC's activities have been transformed into the digital domain. Every month it routinely holds dental scientific seminars with SKP PDGI to provide virtual education and online consultations via Whatsapp “Tanya Dokter Gigi by Pepsodent” to more than 150,000 people.

Medical Innovation Research Awards in the Health (MIRAH) Program

Indonesia Mirah

Indonesia’s Medical Innovation Research Award in Health (Indonesia MIRAH), is a research and innovation program in the health sector. This program encourages and develops a research climate for doctors in Indonesia in the health sector. In 2021, this program has been targeting health research, including the prevention and control of Covid-19 in Indonesia, which has fundamentally transformed our understanding of health.

Royco NutriMenu Program

Royco Nutrimenu

Unilever is globally committed to helping people make changes to healthier diets by reducing the environmental impact of the entire food chain system. Not only do we present good quality products for public consumption, but we also support all Indonesians’ health by conducting educational programs about nutrition and healthy eating patterns. For example, our Royco brand has been featuring the NutriMenu program, which provides educational tips about balanced nutritional recipes that refer to the concept of “Isi Piringku”, which reflects the “Guidelines for Balanced Nutrition” from the Indonesian Ministry of Health. The “Royco NutriMenu” program provides guidelines and complete dishes that are delicious and can be prepared every day using food ingredients that are nutritious, easy to obtain, practical, affordable, and sourced from sustainable, plant-based ingredients that are part of “Future 50”. This program has been distributed to 80,000 family members, 180,000 youth Islamic boarding schools, and has inspired two million Indonesian families via online to adapt healthier eating habits.

Zwitsal 1000 Hari Pertama Kehidupan Program

Program Zwitsal 1000 Hari Pertama Kehidupan.

The First 1,000 Days of Life (HPK) is the golden period for children's growth and development, during which mothers have an important role in providing the three basic needs of children in terms of honing, loving and nurturing. Understanding the importance of the mother's role during this golden period, the Zwitsal brand presents the "Zwitsal 1,000 First Day of the Little One" program to support mothers to maximize the momentum of 1,000 HPK. This program collaborates with various partners and experts in their fields. Zwitsal also collaborates with partners to present “telepediatric” consultations and immunization trackers, which can be accessed through the first interactive application in Indonesia. It is in fact a mother's best digital companion during the preparations for pregnancy and child development. Through this application, mothers are not only able to read trusted and educational content about 1,000 HPK,but they can also consult doctors and record their children's immunization schedules so they do not miss their appointments.

Gerakan Masjid Bersih Program

Gerakan Masjid Bersih

The Gerakan Masjid Bersih program is a tangible form of Unilever’s Muslim Center of Excellence (MCOE) commitment to create a healthier and more prosperous Muslim community through several sharia economic development programs, community empowerment, and education on Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS).

Through this Clean Mosque Movement program, in collaboration with the Indonesian Mosque Council (DMI), PT Pertamina (Persero) and PT Indah Logistik, Unilever provides training, cleaning equipment packages, and guidance on how to clean mosques to create more comfortable and safe mosques. Unilever and DMI are targeting 30,000 mosques to ensure they remain hygienic and well-maintained every month. This movement has reached more than 100,000 mosques in Indonesia.

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