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Arif Hudaya

Arif Hudaya


Indonesian citizen, born and domiciled in Jakarta. Appointed as Director of Unilever Indonesia by the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders on 20 November 2019, effective 1 January 2020. Currently serves as Chief Financial Officer.

His previous senior posts in Unilever include Commercial Director for Personal Care (2002-2003), Commercial Director for Sales Division (2003-2005), Corporate Controller (2009-2012) in Unilever Indonesia, Category Oral & Marketing Finance Director in Unilever Plc, London, UK (2005-2009), Global Market Strategy Director in Unilever Asia Private Ltd Singapore (2012-2015), National Finance Director in Unilever Malaysia Holding Bhd (2015-2016), dan Chief Financial Officer in Unilever Philippines (2016-2019). He holds Bachelor’s degree in Social Science from Banking International Finance for Cass Business School, City University, London.