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Water use

Growing water scarcity is a huge risk to our future growth – as well as a business opportunity to better meet people’s needs.

Seorang wanita mencuci baju dengan sekali bilas

2.8 billion people around the world live in water-stressed regions. This number is estimated to increase to 4 billion by 2025. That is expected to be around half the world’s population. 

At the same time, consumer demand for water has doubled since 1950. It is predicted to double again by 2030. The consequences for food security, health and living conditions are substantial. We are focusing our expertise and resources on developing products, devices and services that meet the domestic water needs of our consumers in water-scarce countries. We are working with suppliers to reduce the water used to grow our crops in these countries. We are also reducing water use in our own factories across the world.

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