The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan for

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Sustainable sourcing

Growing for the future – sustainable sourcing has never been more important.

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The widespread adoption of sustainable agriculture is crucial if we are to feed over 9 billion people without depleting the planet’s natural resources. Sustainable farming methods have the potential to increase yields considerably, mitigate the effects of climate change and provide economic and social benefits to farmers, their families, and the surrounding communities. 

Recognising that the conversion of forests into non-sustainable agricultural plantations may be one of the major causes of deforestation, by using our scale and advocacy we are helping to drive sustainable agriculture and to create inclusive supply chains for smallholder farmers, who produce around 70% of the world’s food. 

Sourcing sustainably helps secure our supplies, and reduces risk and volatility in our raw material supply chains. It also opens up opportunities for innovation: by focusing on people’s sustainable living needs and consumer preference, we build stronger brands. Sustainable farming methods can also improve the quality of our products, such as our sauces, soups, dressings or ice creams.

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