The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan for

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Improving nutrition

Better products, better diets, better lives.

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More than 1 billion people enjoy our foods and drinks every day. We know that people want and expect superior quality products that are healthy and tasty. We enrich many foods with essential vitamins and minerals, and have set bold targets to reduce salt, saturated fat, sugar and calories across our brands. We also know that people want foods that are sustainably sourced and made with ingredients they recognise and trust. 

We are very conscious of the important role that food has in people’s well-being, and that non-communicable diseases are a high public health priority. We are a strong supporter of the UN Global Goal of Zero Hunger and are playing an important role in addressing over- and undernutrition. We do this by offering nutritious foods that are appealing, and through communication that is responsible, engaging and meaningful.

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Kami selalu mencari cara untuk berhubungan dengan mereka yang memiliki minat yang sama terhadap masa depan yang berkelanjutan.


Berhubungan dengan Unilever dan tim spesialis atau menemukan kontak di seluruh dunia.