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Contribute to a fairer, more socially inclusive world

Unilever Indonesia is committed to respecting inclusivity and diversity. We respect all forms of differences; we do not discriminate; and we believe that everyone has equal opportunities. Under this commitment, the programs carried out by Unilever Indonesia always uphold diversity and inclusiveness, follow the needs of Indonesians and respect the values and norms that apply in Indonesia. We believe that everyone – without exception – has the right to get good treatment and equal opportunities regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, and religion (SARA).

School Health Program

Program Pesantren

Through the Unilever Indonesia Foundation, we are holding the “School Health Program”: a holistic school empowerment program to create healthy, green, and empowered schools. Some of the activities we carry out include:

  • Instilling Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS), which aims to encourage changes in clean and healthy living behavior and increase students' confidence as they enter puberty.
  • Building facilities to support the PHBS program.
  • Encouraging the habits of sorting, managing, and utilizing waste in Islamic boarding schools and creating environmental change agents in Islamic boarding schools. In 2020, our program managed to reach 372,128 students in 902 Islamic boarding schools throughout Indonesia.

This program is collaborating with the Indonesian Ministry of Religion and our NGO partners, Heartindo, Bina Masyarakat Peduli, Arta Jaya Association, Rumah Pelangi Foundation, ICSD Foundation, PERSADA, SPeKTRA NGO, and the Peduli Negeri Foundation.

Unilever Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Program

Program Unilever Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

On April 8, 2021, Unilever Indonesia launched the “Unilever Muslim Center of Excellence” (Unilever MCOE), which reflects the Company's commitment to support Indonesia’s intention to become the center of the sharia economy. One way that we have contributed is through the cross-sector collaborations to establish economic independence and welfare indexes through economics education and Sharia entrepreneurship delivered by the Unilever Entrepreneurship Bootcamp #MudaMaslahat (UEB #MudaMaslahat) program with “Accelerating Your Business Growth” as a theme.

The program, which was held from June to August 2021, focuses on entrepreneurship training for young people. In collaboration with our partners (i.e. the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises of the Republic of Indonesia, the Association of the Faculty of Economics and Business of Muhammadiyah Universities and Aisyiyah, the Indonesian National Committee for Sharia Economics and Finance), the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp #MudaMashlahat (Prosperous, Fair and Healthy) was attended by 60 talented young entrepreneurs from several universities in various parts of Indonesia.

“Juragan Seru” Development Program

The Seru Ice Cream product is one of our Wall's products and is in great demand by consumers from all walks of life. Seru Ice Cream products are distributed by MSME actors, who are known as "Juragan Seru". In line with Unilever's goals, "we created an entrepreneurship program for these distributor partners, namely the "Juragan Seru Development Program", this reflects our goal of growing our business while positively impacting our partners in our distribution chain.

Juragan Seru

Together with the "People’s System Consultancy”, this program is specifically designed to help skippers develop themselves to become more reliable and independent entrepreneurs. The “Juragan Seru Development Program” provides group and individual training to equip skippers with skills to develop themselves through entrepreneurship mindset training, market development, and customer handling training.

Some of the impacts that we have measured from this program include the ability of the skippers to manage finances and run their businesses more efficiently. In addition, we are also able to monitor how well they can manage a resilient business and create jobs in the areas where they live.

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