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Our concern for MSMEs has long been carried out, not only through our brands, but also through the Company’s various programs.

Unilever Untuk Indonesia
UNILEVER FOR INDONESIA Helps 147,000 small entrepreneurs to rise, for advanced Indonesia

MSME’s Struggle in the Midst of the Pandemic

Unilever is proud to operate in Indonesia, a country of warriors who tirelessly continue to embody the spirit of mutual cooperation in building the nation. Based on this spirit, we should look after each other, especially during difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic; including by helping MSMEs (Micro Small and Medium Enterprises).

MSMEs are one of the parties most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic despite being the backbone of the nation’s economy. Based on a survey conducted by the Katadata Insight Center of 206 MSME players, more than 80 percent admitted to experiencing negative impacts since the pandemic. Around 63% of respondents admitted to experiencing a decline in turnover of more than 30%.

There are many types of MSMEs in Indonesia. And Unilever has long had various programs (hyper link to a new page) to advance MSMEs, not just this time.

Retailers around us are among those who are affected. There are currently around 3.5 million traditional retailers and grocery stores spread throughout Indonesia. Their challenges are not only economic factors, but also health.


Retailers and Their Role for Unilever Indonesia

Retailers are a very important part of Unilever’s business ecosystem; they have grown and developed with us since day one. Their presence in various corners of the country has brought our brand to your home, to your dining table, and to your bathroom. Because of them you can know and access our products.

Therefore, our relationship with retailers is more than just business; their success is joy for us, and their difficulties are challenges that we are ready to face together.

#UnileverforIndonesia: Retailers Stay Healthy, Safe and Keep Selling

Unilever Indonesia believes we have a role to play. It is time for big companies to help small businesses navigate the new order with a spirit of gotong royong. Through the #UnileverforIndonesia campaign, we are providing tangible support for 147,000 retailers in our ecosystem to stay healthy, safe and able to keep selling. We do this by donating profits from transactions with these retails over the next three months, delivered in the form of hygiene and personal protective equipment packages and additional capital for business continuity.

Stay healthy and safe: Health is the basic thing that needs to be considered and maintained to be able to continue doing activities. The spread of Covid-19 in some areas is still high, including in places of buying and selling transactions such as markets. For this reason, the health of retailers and their customers is very important. We will donate products that are urgently needed when conditions involve COVID-19 to 147,000 retailers, in the form of face shields, masks, hand sanitizers and Lifebuoy hand washing soap and Wipol Carbol.

Keep selling: Additional business capital is provided in the form of e-coupons to be used through the Sahabat Warung application, a digital platform launched to facilitate retailer partners in the ordering and communication process and cutting the distribution chain.

What are Unilever Indonesia’s Programs in Developing MSMEs

Mentoring and Providing Technology Systems to Develop Local Markets since 2016

Equip them with technology systems for them to record and understand which products are in high demand and which are not. We also provide assistance on how to manage their stores, make goods available, and organize their stores to become tidier so that customers can easily find the items they are looking for.

MSMEs Empowerment Program by Unilever Indonesia Foundation (UIF)

  • The Waste Bank program, which not only benefits the environment, but also has economic benefits
  • Saraswati Program, a training program on Self Development, Economic and Social Development and Organizational Development for woman farmers
  • The Cooperative Development Program: In 2016-2017, UIF conducted the Cooperative Development Program by building the capability of the participants in financial management, organizational development and transformation of the cooperatives to become a platform that effectively supports social entrepreneurship

You Can Contribute Too!

Support the revival of retailers by buying products from them! Visit Instagram @UnileverIDN, Twitter @UnileverIDN and YouTube Unilever Indonesia

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