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Indonesia Hygiene Forum

Indonesia Hygiene Forum

Health and hygiene in Indonesia are important issues that need to be addressed immediately. Based on Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index report by the World Economic Forum in 2017, Indonesia ranked 109 out of 148 countries. This figure shows that the level of health and hygiene in Indonesia still relatively low.

Seeing this problem, Unilever realizes that close cooperation between community groups, academics, industry players, government, and other related parties is needed to raise awareness of the importance of health and hygiene in Indonesia.

About Indonesia Hygiene Forum

Indonesia Hygiene Forum (IHF) is a forum that is expected to bring together experts in the field of hygiene, such as scientists, academics, community groups, industry players, and the government to create a science-based hygiene culture in Indonesia.

Inaugurated in April 2018, this network, initiated by Unilever Indonesia, accommodates experts in the fields of hygiene, nutrition, and health to share information and knowledge, and collaborate in fostering awareness of hygiene information in community groups, non-governmental organizations, government, and other related institutions.


Creating a science-based hygiene culture in Indonesia.


  • Establish a network group of cleaning experts, including government, individuals, communities, academics and industry players
  • Involve the group in efforts to raise public awareness of information about cleanliness
  • Support the government as a regulator to make science-based decisions in policies related to cleanliness
  • Build cooperation with experts in the field of hygiene to provide education scientifically but easily understood by the public

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