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Positive Nutrition

Everyone deserves access to good food. We’re working to create a healthier, more sustainable global food system.

The world's food systems need improvement and we want to help improve them. As one of the world's leading consumer goods companies with a large food and beverage portfolio, we believe we can help shape a global food system that is fair for everyone. The more we grow, the faster we can bring about change.

Future Foodsis a series of our bold new commitments globally to accelerate society's transition to healthier diets and reduce the environmental impact on the food chain. Our commitments focus on:

  • €1 billion annual sales from plant-based meat and dairy alternatives by 2025–2027
  • Double the number of products sold that deliver positive nutrition by 2025
  • 70% of our food’s portfolio meets WHO-aligned nutritional standards by 2022
  • 95% of packaged ice cream to contain no more than 250 kcal per serving and 22g total sugar per serving by 2025
  • 85% of our Foods portfolio to help consumers reduce their salt intake to no more than 5g per day by 2022

Find out more about our global strategies and have a look below at the story about our initiatives in Indonesia.

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