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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We want to see a society where everyone is treated equally. We're working to create a fairer, more socially inclusive world.

Unilever is an open place for all. We are continuing to promote an inclusive social society that respects and upholds human rights. We don't have a biased or discriminatory perspective on religion, class, ethnicity, culture, gender, and persons with disabilities.

Globally, we have also set clear goals that will help us tackle inequality and drive inclusion by:

  • Achieving an equitable and inclusive culture eliminating any bias and discrimination in our practices and policies.
  • Accelerate diverse representation at all levels of leadership.
  • Ensure 5% of our workforce is made up of people with disabilities by 2025.
  • Spend €2 billion annually with diverse businesses worldwide by 2025.
  • Increase representation of diverse groups in our advertising

In Indonesia, we have enacted a series of commitments based on our three pillars of focus:

  • Gender Equality

    We are targeting to provide “Bystander Intervention Training” to 4,000 women who are at the forefront of company operations and implement gender equality at the managerial level by 2025.
  • Equality for People with Disabilities

    We pledge to provide access for individuals with disabilities in 100% of Unilever Indonesia’s facilities and full scholarships for five students with disabilities by 2025 as support for equality for persons with disabilities.
  • Elimination of Discrimination and Stigma

    We are creating more initiatives within the company to increase the value of tolerance and eliminate discrimination as well as increase the representation of diversity in Unilever Indonesia’s brand advertisements by 2022.

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