Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes frequently asked investor queries.

General FAQ

Unilever Indonesia's book year runs from 1 January to 31 December with quarterly results announced as per the dates detailed in the financial Calendar.

Please refer to the Share Price section of the website. 

Please refer to Unilever Indonesia's official social media assets, which includes:

  • Facebook Unilever Indonesia
  • Youtube Unilever Indonesia; or 
  • Visit Unilever Indonesia's Website ( and go to News and Media page. 

Information related to date of announcement and investor event can be found through our Investor Relations Contact Center at or please visit the Calendar section.

You can download the latest annual report from the Annual Report section.

Unilever Indonesia's shares are traded in Indonesia Stock Exchange. For more information on our shares, please refer to the Shareholder Information Section.

Shareholder FAQ

Further information on declaration of any dividend can be seen at Shareholder Information section.

Further information on the amount of dividends that were paid in previous years can be seen at Dividend Calendar section.

Unilever Indonesia's Share Register is managed under PT Sharestar Indonesia and all associated share administration is carried out by them. Matters under their responsibilities includes:

  • registering your share ownership
  • change of address
  • change of bank details
  • administration of dividend payments
  • information about voting by written proxy
  • etc
You can contact PT Sharestar Indonesia at: 

Citra Graha Building, 7th Floor
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 35-36
Jakarta 12950
Tel. +6221 527 7966
Fax. +6221 527 7967

Information on the next GMS can be found on the Shareholder Information Section, AGM and EGM Related News.

Yes. The Shareholders Power of Attorney's Form can be requested from our Share Registrar, PT Sharestar Indonesia.

The latest Unilever Indonesia annual report is available to view and print from Company Publication page of this website within the investor center section. Hard copies of this report can be requested to our person in contact, whose details is available on Contact Us page.

You can visit the nearest securities company, to help you in this matter. 

Kindly send a request letter (free format) to our Share Registrar, quoting the collective share certificate (SKS) number, with the new address provided. The request letter should be accompanied by a copy of identity card of the holders, as a valid proof of the address.

The legal heirs are required to submit a copy of Statement of Heirs that is issued by local authorities. With respect to the Statement, you have to also attach the copy of shares certificate, along with the Power of Attorney (PoA). The PoA shall be provided and signed by all the heirs, with the appointment on the person who will receive an act as a proxy. All of the documents shall be sent to the Share Registrar.

After all relevant documents have been submitted, the process will take approximately 2 (two) to 3 (three) weeks. 


The legal heirs are required to get the Will legalized by the local authorities and then send us a copy of the Will. This should be accompanied by a request letter, copy of identity card of the intended proxy, the relevant share certificates in original, and address proofs of the proxy.

All documents should be sent to the Share Registrar of the Company


You may notify our Share Registrar, copying Investor Service Department of the Company, furnishing the particulars of the dividend not received. After receiving incoming reports, we will check our records and if it matches, shareholders will have to update his/her information (e.g. bank account, registered names) according to the requirements. As an attachment, the shareholders will have to submit the copy of the latest Identity Card

As per the Elucidation of Law of The Republic of Indonesia Number 40 of 2007 concerning

Limited Liability Companies, any uncollected dividends that are unclaimed for a period of five years from the date stipulated (for the payment of prior dividends), shall be put in a special reserve. Dividend included in the special reserve and that remain uncollected for a period of 10 (ten) years shall then be written off and become vested in the Company.

The Members, who have not claimed their dividend before the right become vested, may claim the amount to PT Sharestar Indonesia or Investor Service Department of the Company, to be proceeded further.

Please inform our Share Registrar (PT Sharestar Indonesia) immediately about the loss of share certificates. The documents needed to issue the new certificate includes:

  • Request letter and statement letter that explains the loss of certificate
  • Copy of loss report letter (from the police) that quotes your certificate numbers
  • Copy of announcement of certificate loss in newspaper. 
Based on the documents, PT Sharestar Indonesia will announce such loss in Indonesia Stock Exchange; to then issue a new certificate after 6 (six) months, from the date of announcement.
During 6 (six) months, the shareholders will not be able to transfer and/or convert the share ownership to script-less share. 

If the duplicate share certificates have been issued, please return the original share certificate to the Share Registrar or Investor Service Department of the Company immediately. However, if the original share certificates are found before you comply with the procedure for obtaining duplicate share certificates, please inform PT Sharestar Indonesia; so that we can revoke the notification in the stock exchange immediately.

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