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Profile of Internal Audit Unit

Fransisca Ho

Fransisca Ho - Head of Internal Audit

Indonesian citizen, domiciled and born in Jakarta (aged 38). 

Appointed as Head of Internal Audit, effective 1st January 2016, by the Board of Commissioners. Joined Unilever Indonesia in 2001. 

Previous senior positions in Unilever Indonesia include Supply Chain Finance Manager for Home and Personal Care (2015), Supply Chain Finance Manager for Cikarang (2014), Brand Building Finance Manager for Home Care (2012-2013), and Treasury Manager (2005-2006). She has also held senior regional positions as a Brand Development Finance Manager for Laundry, South East Asia (2008-2011) and for Fabric Conditioner and Household Homecare, Asia (2006-2008). 

She graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi IBBI, majoring in Accounting (2000).

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