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Every U strives to create a sustainable and responsible life

“Doing well by doing good” has been our guiding principle throughout our business chain, which is why we started the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan (USLP). The USLP strategy enables us to ensure that every time you use or enjoy a Unilever product, you are supporting sustainable living; one that is environmentally friendly and positively benefits society. Find out more about our commitment

Every Day U works for sustainable living

By focusing on the three main goals: Improve People's Health and Wellbeing; Improve the Health of the Planet; and Contribute to a Fairer, More Socially Inclusive World, we will be able to create a better world. Believing that responsible business is the best way to do business, USLP continuously strives to make a positive impact on our consumers, our planet and our business as a whole.

Sustainable living

Locally, Unilever Indonesia is making a concerted effort to implement the USLP strategy throughout its business chain. The Unilever Indonesia Foundation (UIF), established on 27 November 2000, is Unilever Indonesia's primary vehicle to implement the USLP, particularly in relation to community-based programs. UIF’s mission is to discover and empower the potential of communities, add value to communities, join forces with its partners and act as a catalyst for partnership building.

By 2020, we expect to help improve the health and well-being of more than one billion people.

Our brands, such as Vixal and Lifebuoy, attempt to achieve this goal by reducing the incidence of preventable diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia through the adoption of clean and healthy behaviors/habits. Since the USLP began eight years ago, we have helped more than 600 million people in the world to improve their health and hygiene. In Indonesia alone, we have convinced 90 million people to adopt clean and healthy behaviors.

By 2030, we are committed to halving the environmental impact of making and using our products.

We have a triple focus on reducing our environmental footprint, by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling. We are undertaking a series of innovations to create recyclable packaging and use renewable energy in our factories. Through these initiatives, we will be able to achieve our 2030 target. In terms of agriculture, more than half of our agricultural materials come from sustainable and responsible sources.

In 2018, we achieved several targets, including implementing 100% Zero Waste to Landfill at the head office; reducing energy intensity by 42% compared to the 2008 base year; reducing water use intensity by 26.60%; reducing carbon dioxide emission intensity by 34.15%; and fostering 2,816 Waste Banks across Indonesia, which has contributed to reducing inorganic waste by 7,779 tons.

We are on a mission to improve millions of people’s livelihoods by 2020.

We continuously strive to improve livelihoods in the world, starting with supporting equal opportunities. One such opportunity is through the “Unstereotype Initiative” to remove gender labels and use our communication platforms to spread messages of kindness. This will serve to not only increase inclusivity by helping local communities through training local farmers, but also provide much-needed entrepreneurship opportunities.

Through UIF, Unilever Indonesia will continue to ensure equal opportunities and inclusivity through programs that will empower all people who contribute to our business chain. In 2018, we reached 3,500 female workers through our Saraswati empowerment program. We have also reached more than 35,000 smallholder farmers through coaching and training programs and provided a total of 33,485 hours training for our employees.

By simply enjoying your favorite Unilever products every day, you are a big part of our efforts to create a better world. You can also contribute further by joining us through the Take Action (Opens in a pop-up window ) Initiative.

Together, we can do good for the next 100 years and beyond.

Every U Does Good. Unilever

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