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Every Vaseline Donates Products to the Needy

We believe everyone deserves to have healthy, well-groomed skin. You can help realize this because whenever you purchase Vaseline, you are participating in donating Vaseline products to people in need.

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Healthy skin opens up opportunities to life without limits

Vaseline believes healthy skin allows us to live life comfortably and freely. Therefore, the global brand that has been trusted for more than 140 years has consistently taken concrete actions to ensure people have access to skin health care equally and inclusively. In Indonesia, this commitment has been carried out since 2018 through "The Vaseline Healing Project" program with the mission to help improve the skin problems of Indonesian people, especially in crisis and disaster areas, so that they can enjoy a better quality of life.

Vaseline's commitment to assist people in need to get healthy skin

Through several programs, Vaseline has inspired 5 million Indonesia people to understand the importance of having healthy skin. In addition, together with the Indonesian Society of Dermatologists, "The Vaseline Healing Project" has provided skin health education to 379 health workers and improved the skin condition of 600 people in need. Even in challenging conditions, Vaseline Repairing Jelly has proven to be beneficial as the petrolatum forms a film on the skin's surface that locks in moisture for extremely dry skin.

Illustration of Vaseline's products

Vaseline will continue to donate and inspire more people in need

Vaseline's journey to ensure Indonesians have healthy, well-groomed skin will continue. Keep supporting Vaseline to continuously educate more people about skin health and inspire them about the importance of having healthy skin for a better quality life.

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