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Every Sunsilk Supports Women's Self-Development

Every woman should have the courage to step forward and achieve her dreams. By using Sunsilk products, you not only get beautiful, well-groomed hair, but also support Indonesian women to develop into unstoppable individuals.

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Equipping women to express their unstoppable ability to seize opportunities

Believing that young Indonesian women are here to shine, Sunsilk consistently invites, inspires, and equips young Indonesian women to achieve their dreams. This commitment is realized through the #TakTerhentikan campaign, which consists of various programs to increase women's knowledge and inspire them to become someone who is able to answer challenges such as the Sunsilk Inspiration Class and the Exclusive Coaching Class, which presents the best experts in their fields.

Illustration of Sunsilk products

500,000 young women have received online debriefing throughout 2020

The pandemic with its various limitations and uncertainties has limited women's space for movement. In the end, young women are often depressed and have doubts about themselves. Sunsilk understands the importance of a support system that ensures they do not give up, but instead return to optimism to achieve their dreams. Therefore, Sunsilk has opened online access for young Indonesian women to develop themselves according to their interests and abilities. Throughout 2020, Sunsilk successfully assisted 500,000 young Indonesian women to continue to grow amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Support Sunsilk to realize more access to self-development for young Indonesian women

Sunsilk wants to encourage more young Indonesian women to never give up even though the pandemic is not over. You can also support Sunsilk to reach another 500,000 young Indonesian women to get access to online self-development, with increasingly diverse programs this year. In addition, 7,500 schoolgirls will also be involved in 'Kilaukan Mimpimu' offline training.

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