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Every Sunlight Supports Women to Become Foodpreneurs

An empowered woman will be able to give her best to her family and society. Every drop of Sunlight can help millions of Indonesian women train their skills to realize their entrepreneurship dreams in the culinary field.

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Optimize your potential, turn your cooking hobby into an opportunity to achieve your dreams

Women have great potential to create a more radiant life, including through their passion for cooking. However, this is often hampered by both the environment and oneself. Sunlight supports women to explore their strengths through a series of educational and inspirational opportunities, such as food entrepreneur recruitment, business development classes, and foodpreneur festivals. These efforts involve several strategic parties, involving both private parties such as Tokopedia and Amartha, and government agencies.

In the next few years, Sunlight will inspire and educate tens of thousands of Indonesian women

Believing that women can always be more, through the Festival Foodpreneur Bersinar program in 2020, 60,000 women entrepreneurs were inspired and educated to maximize opportunities and manage their businesses. This year, Sunlight will also motivate two million Indonesian women to develop their skills as food entrepreneurs through its various inspirational activities and educate 20,000 female food entrepreneurs.

Sunlight aims to inspire five million women and educate 50,000 women foodpreneurs in Indonesia by 2023


There are potentially many more Indonesian women whom we want to develop and women foodpreneurs whom we want to support. Let's help Sunlight reach five million women and train 50,000 women foodpreneurs in Indonesia by 2023.

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