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Every Sariwangi Educates Couples Live in Harmony

Communication through meaningful conversations forms the basis for strong families. Every sip of SariWangi can help warm you and your loved ones’ conversation moments up. Therefore, support SariWangi's efforts to educate married couples in Indonesia to live in harmony.

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Time to talk, Time for Sariwangi #MariBicara

SariWangi believes a loving connection within the family - especially between couples - can be attained by regularly spending time and communicating with each other, accompanied by the warmth of SariWangi tea. The pleasant aroma and taste will help calm the mind, relax, and result in open and meaningful conversation moments. As a conversation catalyst, SariWangi is running the #MariBicara campaign to encourage married couples in Indonesia to connect through quality conversations with SariWangi to maintain household harmony.

Inspiring 50 million couples to be more harmonious by talking to each other over a cup of real tea

SariWangi has consistently echoed the #MariBicara campaign for more than 13 years to unite Indonesian families. SariWangi started by publishing its "Mari Bicara" book in 2017, and has reached 1 million readers. Over time, this noble cause has been further developed, with various programs aimed at strengthening the relationship between couples. In 2020, SariWangi #MariBicara campaign voiced support for Indonesian women to be able to express their opinions and make decisions in their families for a better life.

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