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Every Royco Educates Delicious Nutritious Menu

Royco is committed to providing nutritional goodness in every dish as healthy families are the foundation to a developed and prosperous nation. By using Royco, you contribute to educating Indonesian families to cook delicious and nutritious dishes.

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Realize a healthier family through goodness in tasty dishes with Royco

Nutritional issues are still a challenge for the world community, including Indonesia. Understanding this, Royco wants to be part of the solution through the Royco Nutrimenu program to inspire Indonesian families to consume diverse, nutritionally balanced and sustainable food that is good for both the body and the Earth. This commitment is proven through various product innovations that not only come with iodized salt fortification to help children grow more optimally, but also continuously educate the public to change their dietary behaviours.

Since 2019, Royco has educated Indonesian families to serve more than 100 million plates of nutritious yet delicious dishes

Royco NutriMenu is one of Royco's educational series. It refers to the concept of "Isi Piringku" according to the Balanced Nutrition Guidelines to increase mothers' knowledge to creatively use various healthy food ingredients to cook and consume nutritious home meals. In 2022, the Royco Nutrimenu Program worked with BKKBN (National Population and Family Planning Agency) to jointly educate more Indonesian families about balanced nutrition. Of course, this was also supported by the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Royco will continue to inspire Indonesian families to serve up hundreds of millions of delicious and nutritious dishes

As a trusted brand that has been accompanying Indonesian families since 1972, Royco wants to continue helping them serve delicious and nutritious meals. In 2022, together with all partners, including you, Royco set up the target of serving 100 million plates with delicious and nutritious food to the dinner tables of Indonesian families - even in remote areas - through education that would be carried out both online and offline.

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