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Every Rinso Educates to Reduce Plastic Consumption

Daring to get dirty is good, but what if your child's playground is filled with plastic waste? Start using plastic wisely to ensure a more sustainable future. Always use Rinso to get the best laundry results while educating the public about reducing plastic consumption.

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Let's preserve the earth by being more mindful of plastic use!

Prolonged plastic waste pollution can deprive our next generation of the opportunity to explore the world. As mom's best friend, Rinso wants to be a part of tackling plastic waste by intensifying the "Yuk Mulai Bijak Plastik" and "Generasi Pilah Plastik" campaigns. This seriousness is realized through the three frameworks that are applied in every step of Rinso. They are: less plastic - reducing the use of plastic by 13% during 2016 - 2018; better plastic - Rinso launched the first recycled pouch packaging in Indonesia; and no plastic - Since 2020 Rinso refill stations are available at various points throughout Indonesia such as Saruga, Qyos, Siklus and several Waste Bank points.

Illustration of Rinso's products

15 million Indonesians have been inspired to take plastic-wise actions

Alligned with its commitment, Rinso continues to launch various innovations and initiatives to reduce plastic waste. Rinso's concrete actions are also carried out by involving consumers, as all parties hold the same responsibility for waste problems. 9.5 million Indonesians participated in the success of World Cleanup Day in 2019. In 2022, more than 60 thousand tons of plastic waste were sent from 50 thousand #GenerasiPilahPlastik program participants. To date, all of Rinso's efforts to ensure a more beautiful future for children in a clean environment have inspired 15 million people to start plastic wise.

It's time to realize a clean and sustainable Indonesia, together

As a form of responsibility to the earth, again this year, Rinso is targeting 3 million Indonesians to start using plastic wisely by resorting to recycled plastic pouch packaging (first in Indonesia). It's time for you to make a real change with Rinso so that we can reduce the use of plastic by 17% per ton by the end of 2021.

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