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Every Pepsodent Supports Education about Cavities and Care

7 out of 10 Indonesian children suffer from cavities. By buying Pepsodent, you have become part of the mission to educate the public about good brushing habits from an early age and realize the healthy smiles of Indonesian families.

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Early toothbrush education to prevent oral problems

To date, cavities are still a problem that disrupt the healthy smiles of Indonesians. In the long run, cavities can have an impact on health problems that affect everybody’s quality of life.

Therefore, through the #SenyumIndonesia campaign, Pepsodent and partners such as the Indonesian Dental Association (PDGI) and AFDOKGI, continue to educate the public - especially children - about the importance of early oral care for a healthier life.

Since 1995, Pepsodent has taught good oral care habits to more than 25 million Indonesian children

For Pepsodent, every smile matters. This motivates us to innovate continually to deliver products that meet various Indonesians’ needs in taking care of their oral health. Now, Pepsodent presents free dental consultations (Teledentistry) that can be accessed by all Indonesians online.

By 2025 Pepsodent targets more Indonesian children and families to protect them from dental problems

By 2025, Pepsodent aims to educate more than 25 million Indonesian children about good oral care. Pepsodent also held a dentistry professionalism education and training program for 10,000 Indonesian dentists and collaborated with the Association of Indonesian Educational Dental and Oral Hospitals (ARSGMPI) as part of their commitment to realize #SenyumIndonesia to stay healthy and happy.

20 MillionIndonesian children educated on how to brush their teeth properly

Aside from aiming to educate more than 25 million Indonesian children, by 2025 we also aim to provide teledentistry services to 100,000 Indonesians and hold a “Dentistry Professionalism Education and Training” program for 10,000 Indonesian dentists.

Together let’s realize #SenyumIndonesia together, free from cavities.

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