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Every Lifebuoy educates the public on handwashing.

Hand washing can save lives. Every time you buy Lifebuoy, you help educate millions of Indonesians on the importance of clean and healthy living.

Purpose scene washing hands. Lifebuoy SKU. Every Lifebuoy teaches hand washing in schools.

Since its launch, Lifebuoy is committed to improving health

Lifebuoy was launched in the UK by William Lever in 1895 to improve public health through affordable germicidal soap for the entire public. Ever since, Lifebuoy believes that the habit of handwashing with soap (Cuci Tangan Pakai Sabun or CTPS) is a simple way that can save millions of people’s lives. For this reason, Lifebuoy consistently conducts CTPS training to educate people about the five important moments: before eating, after coughing, after playing, when returning home, and after using the toilet. Lifebuoy conducts this CTPS educational training about the five important moments in partnership with schools, Posyandu, Islamic boarding schools and hospitals.

Lifebuoy female character washing hands with the Lifebuoy SKU.

Since 2005, education on hand washing with soap has reached 100 million Indonesians

With a mission to change people's behavior, Lifebuoy consistently educates the public on the importance of handwashing with soap at the five important moments as part of a clean and healthy lifestyle. Lifebuoy also provides stimulus with the support of facilities and infrastructure, attractive educational materials, collaboration with governments, organizations and communities. In the midst of this pandemic, Lifebuoy continues to maximize education by using online media to help protect the health and safety of all members of society.

Together creating 106 million healthy Indonesian hands in 2021

Despite the various health issues that have hit the world, Lifebuoy is committed to forever changing handwashing behavior. Let's help reach 106 million Indonesians in 2021 by using Lifebuoy every day!

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