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Every Glow & Lovely Provides Scholarship to Indonesian Women

Empowered women help advance the nation. Every time you purchase Glow & Lovely, not only will you get glowing skin, but you also provide opportunities for outstanding young Indonesian women to achieve a glowing future through higher education.

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Empowering young Indonesian women through higher education

Many outstanding Indonesian young women are still hindered from achieving their dreams due to various limitations. Understanding this, in line with the mission to brighten both the skin and future of Indonesian women, since 2017 Glow & Lovely has opened access to higher education through the "Glow & Lovely Bintang Beasiswa" program. This #CerahkanPendidikanIndonesia commitment aims to encourage young women to step up and develop themselves to realize their dreams. To reach more young Indonesian women, support was strengthened with the online education tool in 2020.

Illustration of Glow and Lovely's products

Each year, Glow & Lovely's education scholarship program provides more than 250 outstanding young Indonesian women with opportunities to continue their education

Every year, "Glow & Lovely Bintang Beasiswa" consistently supports 60 outstanding young Indonesian women to study at their favorite public universities. The program continues to be developed to reach all regions so that young Indonesian women can become figures who are able to answer challenges, be resilient and bring positive changes. Glow & Lovely's commitment to prioritize the importance of education is further emphasized during this pandemic by providing lifetime education scholarships for 54 children of nurses who died while handling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Glow & Lovely will continue to support Indonesia's bright young women and realize their dreams

Glow & Lovely's passion to #CerahkanPendidikanIndonesia will continue. In addition to scholarship support, Glow & Lovely also inspires young Indonesian women to explore their potential and increase their capacity through various free classes at, which has currently been accessed by 100,000 people. Let’s keep supporting Glow & Lovely to brighten both the skin and future of more young Indonesian women!

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