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Every Dove teaches women to be more confident

Do you know you're beautiful just the way you are? Every time you buy Dove, you can help this revolutionary brand's efforts to instill the importance of this value in as many teens as possible so they can be more confident.

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Look confident by being yourself

Dove has always told teenagers around the world, including Indonesia, to respect themselves, because Dove believes beauty can be seen in all shapes, sizes and ages. This noble goal has also provided the support to implement the Dove Self-Esteem Movement for more than 10 years. Together with UNICEF, Dove is now ready to educate more young people to increase their confidence with a comprehensive online learning program that is attractive, interactive and fun.

Since 2004, more than 69 million young people in 150 countries have become more confident with the Dove Self-Esteem movement

Believing that self-confidence is a fundamental skill that can greatly impact one's quality of life, Dove has engaged 630,000 teachers to help spread this positive value, and more than 69 million young people have been inspired to be confident just the way they are.

Together with you, Dove is ready to reach millions of teens to make a difference by believing and trusting themselves

Since teens are the next generation that will determine the future, Dove believes that there are still many of them who need to be embraced so that they can be more confident in optimizing their potential. Help us support 250 million teens around the world to achieve that goal by 2030.

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