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Every Clear Supports Young People to Hone Themselves

In a very dynamic era like now, young people must be able to face all challenges. By wearing Clear, you will not only become more confident, but also support the younger generations of Indonesia to continue to hone themselves to become even better.

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Brush away the worries and challenges, become the best version of yourself with Clear

Though we've done a lot of innovations to combat hair problems so far, we still have a lot of dreams to fulfil! Every time you use Clear shampoo to take total care of your scalp, you're joining us and working together with us to keep motivating young people across Indonesia to achieve their dreams and hopes. Together, we're against half-measures!

Illustration of Clear's products

Encourage millions of young Indonesians to become a resilient generation to #KembaliLebihKuat

Although full of challenges, the pandemic actually can bring positive impact if we take advantage of the opportunities. This condition also moved Clear to inspire 60,000 young Indonesians to become a resilient generation with Equoo. Clear also encourages 10 million young people not to be afraid of negative social judgment from their environment through a digital movie starring Clear Brand Ambassador, Agnez Mo, a strong, independent and multitalented young persona. In its latest program, Clear reached 25,000 young people to improve their quality in order to #KembaliLebihKuat.

Support Clear preparing Indonesia's young people to face uncertain challenges

The young generation is the agent of change towards a more advanced Indonesia. Therefore, keep supporting Clear to assist 30 million young Indonesians build their confidence and mental strength, and inspire 1 million young people to train their skills.

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