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Every Buavita Educates Fruit Nutrition Fulfillment

Be healthy with the power of fruit! Every time you drink Buavita, you are helping Buavita improve Indonesian families’ immune systems so that they can enjoy their lives more with healthy bodies.

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Maintain your immune system with fruit goodness through Buavita that #AsliMelindungi

Fruits are one of the many natural sources of vitamins and minerals that have great benefits to increase endurance, especially during the pandemic, to maintain the health of the Indonesian people. Through #AsliMelindungi, Buavita presents the delicious and healthy goodness of real fruit easily in every product.

Buavita #AsliMelindungi Indonesians during the pandemic

Believing that fruits have tremendous power to fulfil nutritional intakes, especially during the pandemic, Buavita continues to support the Indonesian people through this difficult time. Among other actions, Buavita has distributed 65,000 products to various groups of people, such as health workers as frontline fighters, COVID-19 patients, and many Islamic boarding schools. Buavita is also optimizing digital media by collaborating with Alodokter to educate the public about the importance of fruit consumption and fulfill 100% of their daily vitamin C intake to prevent disease and help the recovery process during the pandemic.

Buavita has educated more than 13.5 million Indonesians to live a healthy lifestyle with nutrition from fruits

To provide education about fruit nutrition to the greater public, Buavita will continue the #AsliMelindungi campaign. Aside from donating tens of thousands of products, we are also committed to reducing the number of Indonesians who lack fruit-based nutrition by continuously conducting educational programs that are relevant for Indonesian people’s needs. Keep supporting Buavita to realize a healthier Indonesia!

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