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Every Bango Develops Sustainable Agriculture

Food security is highly dependent on sustainable agricultural practices. Every time you buy Bango, you are helping to improve the welfare of farmers as well as develop sustainable agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly.

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Let's preserve Indonesia's food security with Bango Pangan Lestari

Many countries in various parts of the world, including Indonesia, still face numerous challenges that can affect food security. For this reason, the Bango Pangan Lestari program was launched as a large umbrella for several initiatives related to sustainable agriculture and consumption patterns. This is done through various initiatives such as developing sustainable agricultural systems; protecting the welfare of farmers and their families; and promoting farmer regeneration.

Since 2001, Bango has helped protect the lives and livelihoods of more than 10,500 Mallika black soybean farmers

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To date, Bango has supported 10,500 Mallika black soybean farmers to live more productive and prosperous lives by educating them on sustainable agricultural practices that have covered more than 3,900 hectares of farmland in several regions in Java. This effort has received full support from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia.

In the future, Bango will continue to strengthen the food security ecosystem and preserve authentic Indonesian cuisine

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Since we believe that a stronger ecosystem is the key to supporting food security, let's support Bango's commitment to continue the Bango Pangan Lestari program. This will also educate coconut sugar farmers about sustainable agricultural practices and promote Bango’s Young Farmers program to encourage farmer regeneration in Indonesia. Not only that, but Bango will also involve 10 million Indonesians to actively preserve Indonesia's legendary cuisine through the Bango Jajanan Festival, which, among other activities, will serve to provide legendary and inspirational recipes digitally.

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