To us, partnership is the main strategy to reinforce our positive social impact of our programmes to the community.

To achieve our main goals, Unilever Indonesia Foundation collaborates with the partners through our partnership programmes. We believe voluntary works that engaging community and other stakeholders will bring transformational change in improving social, environment, and economic growth sustainably.

We envisage this mutual partnership will be advancing the community, whilst enabling us replicate our programmes throughout areas where we operate to reinforce our social positive impacts in community.

Unilever Indonesia Foundation also envision that the partnership we build enabling us to grow together with the local partners to demonstrate a good practice of our corporate governance in building a mutual partnership.

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Kami selalu mencari cara untuk berhubungan dengan mereka yang memiliki minat yang sama terhadap masa depan yang berkelanjutan.


Berhubungan dengan Unilever dan tim spesialis atau menemukan kontak di seluruh dunia.