Unilever Indonesia Foundation

Unilever Indonesia Foundation is the primary tools of implementing the Unilever Sustainable Living Plan in Indonesia.

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The historic step began in 27 November 2000. The Unilever Indonesia Foundation’s (the Foundation) mission was, and is, to discover and empower potential in the community, provide added value to society, unite the strengths of its partners, and act as a catalyst for formation of partnership.

The ideas of sustainable development and growing together with the community are inseparable from the visionary concepts of former Chairman and CEO of Unilever Indonesia from 1998 to 2003, Nihal Kaviratne. As the leader of the company, he was deeply concerned with the effort to build the company’s culture through organisational transformation and change, as well as good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

At that time, the community empowerment programmes conducted by Unilever were still sporadic and not integrated. As a consequence, the results were far from optimal, let alone sustainable. Then the Foundation was established and given the task of conducting CSR in an integrated way.

For Unilever, the establishment of this foundation was a serious investment. This is evident from the people who were appointed to run it. The top leadership posts in the foundation, for example, were held by company executives with long experience in managing products valued at trillions rupiahs – no small investment.

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