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Global MBA recruitment channel

Global MBA Recruitment Channel FAQS

What is the difference between this channel and an MBA programme?

Unilever’s Global MBA Recruitment Channel recruits for live vacancies. All successful applicants must have at least three years' existing functional experience, depending upon the role you are applying for. Once you join us, you’ll be given a range of personal development opportunities, tailored to your personal and professional goals. An MBA programme is where a set number of candidates are hired and placed into specially created job vacancies or rotations.

Do you have any application tips?

  • Read the job description carefully and be realistic about your skills and experience for the role. If you are asked for specific functional experience, consider carefully if you have the relevant profile.

  • Keep your CV clear and succinct, ideally no more than two pages.

  • Check spelling, punctuation and grammar.

  • Show integrity. Only apply for roles that you want and that are relevant to your experience -don’t apply for everything!

  • Closely match your CV to the job you are applying for and demonstrate how you match the criteria.

I’m currently studying for my MBA. Can I apply for a role?

We post live existing full-time vacancies that require the successful candidate to start within a reasonable notice period, usually up to three months, depending on the role. If you are still studying we recommend you only apply for vacancies when you are close to being available, unless you are an Executive MBA and will remain working throughout your studies.

Can a graduate from any business school apply?

We welcome applications from all MBA graduates. Unilever also works in partnership with 30 top MBA business schools from around the world to share our vacancies on their job portal systems.

Do you offer internships or project opportunities for current MBA students?

The Global MBA Recruitment Channel concentrates on permanent opportunities so does not offer internship or project opportunities at present.

I’ve seen a role based in a country where I do not currently have a working visa – can I still apply?

When applying for a vacancy, candidates must have existing work authorisation in place for where the role is based as we do not provide sponsorship. If you do not have this in place when you apply for a role, your application will not be accepted.

I can only see vacancies for Marketing, Supply Chain and Finance. Do you recruit for other functions?

At present the Global MBA Recruitment Channel only specialises in recruitment for these functions.

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