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Let Us Rise Together and Wave the Red and White Flag with Pride at the SEA Games XXVI

CLEAR, with Ello and Sherina, is inviting all Indonesian citizens to support our beloved Red and White Team to Triumph at the SEA Games XXVI

The Freshness of Floral Fruity Scent Brings Joy to the Family Throughout the Day

Jakarta, October 4, 2011 – Today, Molto, Indonesian mothers’ no. 1 choice for fabric conditioner brand, produced by PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk , has once again proved its innovative style by launching Molto Ultra Sensations

Pepsodent Supports Indonesia’s Dentistry Progress Through Foril X 2011

Jakarta, 6 October 2011 – Foril X is a routine dentistry scientific meeting in every three years, which conducted by Dentistry Faculty (FKG) of Trisakti University since 1984.

Unilever Continues to Invest in Indonesia to Increase Capacity for Growth

London/Rotterdam/Jakarta, 29 September 2011: Unilever expands production facilities in Indonesia that will help drive sustainable growth for the company in the fast-growing developing and emerging markets.

”Doing Business Differently – growing sustainably in a resources-constrained world”

Depok, 29 September 2011 -- Depok 29 September 2011 – Universitas Indonesia, through the Directorate of Business Partnership and Incubator, and  PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk held a public lecture with the theme ”Doing Business Differently – growing sustainably in a resources-constrained world” delivered by Unilever Chief Executive Officer

National Oral Health Day on 12 September

Jakarta, September 12, 2011 – Indonesia Health Minister dr. Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih, MPH., DR PH., which represented by Head of Development and Empowerment Health Resources dr. Bambang Giyatno MPH, is officially inaugurate the National Oral Health Month (BKGN) 2011 at Lapangan Gasibu, Bandung on Monday (12/9).

National Oral Health Month Comes Again

Jakarta, August 15, 2011 - The reluctance of people for their dental care and health check regularly to the dentist has become the causes of poor quality of dental health in society.

Breaking the Fast with Bango to Discover the Richness of Semur

Jakarta, August 11, 2011 – Located in a restaurant in Senopati, South Jakarta, Bango,  produced by PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. invited the media and representatives of the culinary community to break the fast with a special theme and atmosphere

New Innovation Royco Bumbu Kuah Kaldu Gel

JAKARTA, 13 July 2011 – Royco launched the Royco Bumbu untuk Kuah Kaldu Gel, a new innovation from Royco who wants to be mother’s partner to provide the best for family.

Andalan Pure-it , An Additional Income Alternative for Everyone

Jakarta, 19 Juli 2011 – As part of its commitment to creating a better future through improved health and wealth of the community, PT Unilever Indonesia via its Unilever Pureit brand is launching the Pureit Andalan (Agent and Consultant) program.

Unilever Indonesia Achieved Three Awards Best Public Companies 2011

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk achieved three awards as Best Public Companies 2011 on a ranking SWA 100: Indonesia's Best Wealth Creators 2011.

A Step to Global Confidence

Depok, 12 Juli 2011 – Rexona, leading deodorant product by PT. Unilever Indonesia Tbk. held 'A Step to the Global Confidence' event at the Economics Faculty of Universitas Indonesia on Tuesday, July 12, 2011.

SariWangi Mobil Mudik 2011: Silaturahmi Lebih Lama, Lebih Bermakna

Jakarta, July 7, 2011 – During that uniquely sacred time of the holy month Ramadhan and Aidil Fitr, one of the moments awaited by most Indonesians is the opportunity to rebond with their families and relatives during their mudik to their hometowns.

1.000 PKK Women Become Cadres for the 21 Days Movement

Lembang, 29 June 2011 – PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk., via it’s health soap brand Lifebuoy, invites the PKK (Pendidikan Kesejahteraan Keluarga/program at village level to educate women on various aspects of family welfare) women throughout Indonesia to become cadres for the 21 Days Movement in shaping healthy habits.

Magnum Road Cafe, Wait for the Surprise at Your Own Town!

JAKARTA, 30 June 2011 – Since last February, Magnum Cafe has obtained a very high enthusiasm from the pleasure seekers at Grand Indonesia.

New CLEAR with Nutrium10 Solves Three Scalp Problems Totally

JAKARTA, June 9, 2011 – Research conducted by CLEAR Paris Institute revealed that 60 percent of the world’s population has scalp problems, including dandruff, dry scalp and hair loss,

David Archuleta Will Enliven Pond’s Teens Concert 2011

Jakarta, 13 Juni 2011 – POND’S understands that every teenagers always have a passion to be a spotlight

Unilever Indonesia Achieve Corporate Image Award 2011

Jakarta, June 8 2011 - This year Unilever Indonesia again received public recognition as company with best corporate image

Unilever Indonesia One of the Five Best Public Companies

Jakarta, 6 June 2011 – PT Unilever Indonesia, Tbk, selected as one of five best performing public companies in 2010 according to the Indonesian Finance Review (IFR)

First in Indonesia, Sunsilk Hair Studio Now in Jakarta

Jakarta, June 3, 2011 – Sunsilk has once again proven its consistency and innovation to helping Indonesia’s urban women to always look up-to-date and enjoy life more by showing off the latest hairstyles at the Sunsilk Hair Studio