Latest press releases

Latest press releases

60,000 Smile Photos: Indonesian Smiles Pepsodent Goes To Ancol’s Arena Dunia Fantasi

These Smile Photos show that the people of Indonesia care about each other and want to smile together

”Brani Ngomong Brani Buktiin” : Around 5000 Young People Take Part in This HIV-AIDS Prevention Campaign

This BNBB campaign is a strategic collaboration among Yayasan Unilever Indonesia, Close Up, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa and Prambors  Radio in the health education program of the importance of preventing HIV-AIDS among the young generation

SariWangi Gold Selection Presents Party of Six

A program to introduce SariWangi Gold Selection that invites Indonesian women to participate in positive activities together, by the apreciation of art and culture.

Save Water, Save Energy, Molto Concers about Indonesia's Housewises

 “Gerakan Sekali Bilas”Marked The Launch of Molto’s Latest Variant:  Molto Ultra Sekali Bilas

Unilever Indonesia Inaugurated Asia’s Largest Skin Care Factory

PT. Unilever Indonesia officially opened their new skin care factory, the biggest factory of this kind in Asia, with initial investment value of Rp 500 billion

Unilever’s 75 Years of Existence in Indonesia

Public Figures Share Their Better Life Stories with Unilever

Sunsilk Dan Krisdayanti Dedicate a Book ’Hidup Tak Bisa Menunggu’

A Collection of Inspirational Stories about Indonesian Women to Keep Reviving the Passion of “Life Can’t Wait” Spirit

Lux Holds “Lux 100 Diva – Photo Exhibition”

Celebrating the Charm of Beauty and All Indonesian Women’s Diva Quality

Pond's Flawless White Helps Bunga Citra Lestari on Her Journey to Find True Love

Bunga and Asraf are chosen as Pond's Flawless White Brand Ambassadors, and their romantic story is told in the miniseries My Flawless Moment – the true story of Bunga Citra Lestari

Celebrating World Food Day, Unilever – WFP Give Nutrition

Partnership “Together for Child Vitality” (Unilever – WFP) invite 900 elementary school students in Jakarta and 530 elementary school students in Surabaya to understand the importance of nutrition for the growth through the edutainment activity

Millions of Children from 62 Countries Participate in the First Global Handwashing with Soap Day 15 October 2008

Indonesia takes part by bringing in more than 40,000 elementary students and their parents in many areas of the country

Stop Travelling Germs! Join up With Millions of Handwashing Heroes

Public-Private Partnerships for Handwashing With Soap and Unilever Commemorate Hand Global Washing Day, October 15, 2008.

Vice First-Lady Visits Unilever Indonesia Daycare

Children of  Unilever employees welcome arrival of Vice First Lady with Trashic (Trash into Music)  – tunes from the harmonizing of sounds produced from used goods

60 Years Lifebuoy Continues to Fight Germs with Indonesian Families

Handwashing with soap has provento be effective in hampering germ spread

Pond's Beauty Class, The First Step for Teen Beauty

Based on the results of a survey conducted by Pond's among teenage girls that appearances are very important for them, Pond's launches Pond's Beauty Class to provide teenage girls with basic knowledge about beauty care and character development

Taro Holds the “Golden Key to Developing Competence in a Child’s Golden Years” Workshop

Taro’s efforts in inviting teachers and parents to be children’s  idols by understanding children’s competences through a fun learning approach

Buavita Launches “Be a Frutarian” Campaign

Indonesia’s leading  juice brand, Buavita, proves its high regard for the health of Indonesians through the launch of its new campaign: ‘Be Frutarian with Buavita’

Pepsodent Liberate Indonesia’s Smiles

Independence Parade and Free Dental Checkup for the finale of the Indonesian Smiles, Pepsodent Smiles 2008 photo campaign

Citra Indonesia Leads Asian Women to Unveil Their Beauty Secrets

Citra invites Indonesian women to preserve their enduranceby ensuring their body & soul is in balance

Vaseline Invites Everyone to Take a Look at Skin Up Close & Personal

Through the‘Amazing Skin’ campaign and Vaseline Healthy White,Proving its Leadership as aSkin Expert