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2008 Familly Resolution : Watch Over Kids Snacking Habit

Ice Cream as an alternative snack with calcium benefit

Pepsodent Appreciation of the ‘Senyum Indonesia Senyum Pepsodent’ National Movement

An appreciation by Pepsodent of elementary school teachers, posyandu (integrated clinic) healthcare cadres, and the media in their efforts to promote national dental and mouth health. Presentation of a Rp 100 million donation for building a “Senyum Indonesia’ (Smile Indonesia) generation.

The Miracle of Love Concert

Pond’s Age Miracle with Addie&Memes call on couples to celebrate the beauty of marriage

Citra’s Monday Gathering Goes to Bandung and Dialogue with the topic: “Love Totality through the Beauty of Soul and Body”

Citra calls on Indonesian women to be more aware of the beauty of body and soul through Citra’s Monday Gathering.

‘Lux White Glamfest’ Calls on Bandung Gals to Flaunt The Charm of Their Beautiful Skin with T-Shirt

As part of the  Lux White Glamour  launching, through the program Lux calls on women to use fashion as an inspiration to show off their healthy, beautiful and radiant skin.

Sunsilk Unbreakable Women, Unbreakable Spirit Of Indonesian Women

Sunsilk, a haircare product of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, today named three highly-dedicated Indonesian women with unbreakable spirit as the Sunsilk Unbreakable Women.

Blue Band Presents Aid to UNWFP

Collection Results from Blue Band’s "From Your Heart, Lighten Their Day" Program

Providing Opportunity for Employees to Experience the ”Golden Age Moment” With Children

More than a place for childcare, Unilever Daycare also provides informal education in the form of field trips for children and talk shows for parents.

Unilever Donates About 5000 of Its Products for Bengkulu and West Sumatera Quake Victims

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. in collaboration with Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), Republika, Radio Delta and Yayasan Nurani Dunia provided aid in the form of 5,000 packages of Unilever products.

Unilever Indonesia plans to acquire ”Buavita” and ”Gogo” brands from Ultra

Unilever Indonesia has entered into a conditional agreement to buy the “Buavita” and “Gogo” brands of fruit-based Vitality drinks from Ultra.

Wall’s ‘shares 1000 good deeds’ with date flavoured Viennetta: Caring for Indonesian Children Education

Being a consumer product closed to families, Wall’s wishes to participate in improving Indonesian children education quality, and ‘Berbagi 1000 Kebaikan’ (Sharing 1000 good deeds) program could be an appropriate means to achieve our goal to become a developed, civilized and prosperous nation.

Ministry of Agriculture Issues SK Mentan for the Release of the “Mallika” Black Soybean National Premium Variety

Applying corporate social responsibility (CSR), Unilever partnering with thousands of farmers and UGM produced the “Mallika” premium black soybean seed.

As ’Mudik’ Gets Closer, Communication Gets Warmer

Through the SariWangi Mobil Mudik program, preparing  for ’mudik’ becomes the perfect time for family members to foster better communication among each other

“Lux White Glamfest; An Event For Women To Show Their Beautiful Skin”

To support the launching of Lux White Glamour, Lux encourages women to use fashion as an inspiration to show their healthy, beautiful and clear skin.

Unilever’s Toothpaste, Soap and Shampoo are Safe

In response  to the press release issued by Lembaga Konsumen Jakarta (Jakarta Consumers Foundation)  on August 9, 2007 regarding toothpaste, liquid soap and shampoo products containing formalin.

The National Communal Tooth Brushing Movement

18,500 people joined in simultaneously brushing their teeth in Jakarta and Makassar.

Pond's Dream Access - It’s Your Access “To Exist”

As a leader in facial skin care industry, Pond’s introduced its Pond’s Dream Access.

Rinso Rolls Out 'Dunia Bermain Rinso' Rinso

To coincide with the National Children Day, Indonesia’s State Minister of  Woman Empowerment Prof Dr Meutia Hatta Swasono officiates the event and calls on Indonesian families to play together.

Unilever Achieves 5 Awards in ”The Most Powerful Distribution Performance 2007 “

Unilever Indonesia achieved 5 awards in “The Most Powerful Distribution Performance 2007” held by SWA Magazine, MIX in collaboration with Qasa Strategic Consulting (14/6).

Rinso Let's Play Together, Don't Worry Dirty

Rinso encourages parents to spend time playing with children. Playing may stimulates physical, intelligence, emotional and social (PIES) aspects.