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Bring out the best in the creative thinking of children through enjoyable learning methods

This activity is organized by Unilever Indonesia as a token of appreciation and as part of its Day Care Centre program for employees and their families

Unilever Indonesia Receives Three Asian Awards

Within a short period of time, Unilever Indonesia received three Asian level awards, namely, Asia’s 200 Most Admired Companies Award from the Wall Street Journal Asia (16/10); Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE Award) 2006 for Asia (18/10) from Teleos and the Know Network, for the second time; and in the top three for the Investor Relations Award initiated by the Investor Relations Magazine.

Blue Band and Alfamart educate foster children from 5 Foster Homes to bake and cook

The education program entitled 'Bikin Kue Sendiri Satukan Hati Bersama Anak Panti' or making your own cakes to be near in heart with the foster children is a reflection of Blue Band and Alfamart’s concern to the underprivileged, particularly foster children living in the surrounding areas of Alfamart

Sunlight Agen 1000 : Inviting Housewives to Project their Inner Strength

As the leading dishwashing liquid soap, Sunlight today presents a talk show with the theme “Extraordinary Potential of Housewives” aimed at inviting housewives to be aware of and utilize their inner strengths to do more for themselves and those around them.

Sunsilk Circle of Beauty helping young Indonesian women to optimize inner and outer beauty

With the “Sunsilk Beauty Mobile” visiting 7 cities and the Sunsilk Beauty Camp, experts are passing on their knowledge about beauty and personal development to young Indonesian women.

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. rebuilds 3 (three) Puskesmas, 2 (two) Supplementary Puskesmas and 1 (one) Community Center in Yogyakarta

The five Puskesmas are : Puskesmas Bambanglipuro, Puskesmas Pandak I, Pustu Sidumulyo, Pustu Sumbermulyo, Puskesmas Gunung Kidul, and Community Center in Sleman

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. pay courtesy call to residents at Bulak Klender Village and Mampang Prapatan

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. through Yayasan Unilever Peduli today pays a courtesy call to residents of Bulak Klender Village RT 02 / RW 15 neighbourhood in East Jakarta and RT 01 / RW 03 neighbourhood in Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, and hold a dialogue with local residents.

Jakarta Green & Clean” People’s Celebration Promotes Public Sector Awareness on Waste Issue in Jakarta

Jakarta, with its population of +/- 10 million people, generates +/- 25,687m3 of waste daily comprised of 80% organic and 20% non organic waste. Household waste is the greatest contributor, reaching +/- 60% of the total waste generated daily by Jakarta, according to a study conducted by the Indonesia Solid Waste Association  (InSwa).

Kecap Bango offers Betawi traditional food at Lapangan Banteng

To preserve special Indonesian food and snacks, Kecap Bango presents the Bango Food Festival at Lapangan Banteng, Central Jakarta, from 4 to 10 PM.

First black soybean harvest after earthquake

Happiness prevailed among black soya bean farmers under the guidance of Yayasan Unilever Peduli at the Sumbermulyo village in Bambanglipuro district, Bantul Regency, Yogyakarta, on Monday (10/7).

social activity towards making Depok a Clean, Green and Healthy Community

The program is one of the Corporate Social Responsibility programs for surrounding areas by PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk in cooperation with PT Carrefour Indonesia

Unilever and Indomaret Cooperation : Teaching pre-school and kindergarten children at fishermen’s village to have “Clean, Healthy and Thrifty Life”

As a reflection of the concern and support to education and health, particularly in the surrounding areas, PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, in cooperation with Indomaret, on Wednesday (28/6) conducted a session to teach how to have a clean, healthy and thrifty life to pre-school and kindergarten children at a fishermen’s village under the counseling of a foundation called Yayasan Lumba-Lumba located at Jl. Kalibaru Timur, Cilincing, North Jakarta.

80 elementary school children receive education on clean, healthy and thrift living from Unilever and Indomaret

To show its concern and to support education and health, particularly in the surrounding neighbourhoods, PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk in cooperation with Indomaret, conducts a joint social activity at the SDN I elementary school at Baros Pandeglang, Serang, Banten.

“VASELINE HEALTH ‘N FUN” is back again with the them ‘Total Body Workout, Total Skin Workout’

Collaborating with Reebok University and Celebrity Fitness, Vaseline launches the event to remind people on the importance of a fit body and healthy skin.

“Jakarta Green & Clean” program to reduce city garbage problems

To raise awareness of the city’s waste problems among the people and related parties, Yayasan Unilever Peduli   – a foundation established by PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk to implement corporate social responsibility programs of Unilever – in cooperation with Jaringan Delta FeMale Indonesia (JDFI) radio station, launched the Jakarta  Green and Clean  program. 

Citra Introduces ‘Citra House of Beauty’

Based on the understanding of current Indonesian women’s needs for a spiritual and physical balance in the midst of their busy lifestyles, Citra presents the “Citra House of Beauty”, a spa for loyal Citra consumers located at Jl. Suryo No. 30, Senopati, South Jakarta, from 8 May to 2 July 2006.

PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. : Maintains Double Digits Growth

Despite high oil prices and depreciating currency, the company achieved sales growth of 11.2 % to nearly Rp 10 trillion

Paddle Pop’s Shaky2 Shake Dance Competition for Children

Many positive activities, such as competition for children, have given children a chance to perform and develop their talent and creativity. 

More than 350 Unilever and Carrefour employees together with 700 students and teachers on a social mission

The program is one of the form of corporate social responsibility programs jointly conducted by PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk and PT Carrefour Indonesia for the surrounding areas.