Unilever, Jawa Pos, And Surabaya Municipality Launch “Surabaya Green & Cleen 2005” Campaign

Three month campaign with lucky draw and prizes of tens of millions for environmental management

To drive the creation of Surabaya as a green and clean city, Unilever and the Surabaya municipality as well as Jawa Pos launch the Surabaya Green & Clean Campaign from March to May 2005, on Sunday (13/3) with a mass cleaning campaign along Raya Darmo road in Surabaya, starting at 5 in the morning and attended by the representatives of Jawa Pos, Unilever board of directors, Surabaya municipality officials and representatives of the community.

„As a company who has a factory in Rungkut, Surabaya, Unilever has a major interest in the people and environment in Surabaya and the surroundings,“ said Muhammad Saleh, Corporate Relations Director of PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk.   „To make a reality of Unilever Indonesia’s vision of being the first choice for consumers, customers and the public, one of our programs through the Unilever Peduli Foundation has an official agenda to support sustainable community and environment development, particularly in areas where we operate.“ 

Without proper management, activities in large cities such as Surabaya will cause environmental imbalance, such as the reduction in the size of green areas and problems with garbage, which, in the long term, may impact negatively on the quality of life of the community.   General Manager of the Unilever Peduli Foundation, Okti Damayanti said, „As we are aware of this, we would like to invite the people of Surabaya to be concerned about green areas and city cleanliness through the Surabaya Green and Clean Campaign.   The campaign begins with the invitation to all members of the community to make their houses and yards clean and green and to sefl manage their garbage, for instance, by sorting their waste and conducting the compost program.   As the smallest environment, it is expected that their houses can be the starting point in which to make the city clean, cool and clean.“ 

To further promote enthusiasm of the people, there will be lucky draws with prizes of tens of millions for environmental management.

„To participate, the community members fill in coupons provided for free through the local PKK.   They only need to provide data on themselves and where they live and what aspect of the environment they want to improve, such as garbage handling, water draining improvement, tree planting and so on,“ said Okti.   There will be a lucky draw of the coupons collected and each week there will be 10 winners, each month 5 winners and one grand prize.

For the coupons who won the lucky draw, the applicant and his or her district will receive an award.   The applicant will get money and a cleaning package from Unilever while the district will get funds to management the environment in line with the proposal submitted by the applicant.

Meanwhile, one house equipped with cleaning equipment and garbage management will be given as the Grand Prize to the applicant.   While for the district, an environmental improvement aid worth Rp 20 million will be given for the PKK and improvement of public facilities valued at Rp 10 million each will be given to the respective District and Sub District Heads.

”We hope that this campaign will ignite the awareness of each member of the community to create a green, clean and healthy home and environment in each district in Surabaya and the self management of garbage by each resident in Surabaya,” said Okti. 


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