Research discoveries

Ground breaking research is the foundation on which Unilever's R&D programme is built. We take the very best science and technology from academia and specialist collaborators and apply it to create breakthrough innovations for the next generation of products.

In traning

Is it possible to age more healthily?

Unilever is studying the relationship between genes and ageing to develop technologies that – when translated into products – will help people remain healthy in their mid and later years.

A woman eating salad

Reducing salt in food

Salt is essential for a healthy diet, but too much can cause serious problems.

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The science of touch

Why do we choose one product over another? You'd surprised to learn how much happens in your unconscious each time you make a purchase.

Iced donuts

Food structuring

Humanity has been creating food structures to suit changing tastes and needs for millennia. But to deliver new types of food to customers who expect the best, means taking cooking beyond the possibilities of the kitchen.

girl with icecream

The science behind ice cream's magic

We have developed new technologies to improve the creaminess of our ice-cream. We needed new technology that retains the small air bubbles and the rest of the fine microstructure of the freshly produced ice cream in the product.