Product innovations

We take breakthrough technologies and create products that give consumers an unbeatable experience.  In this section you can find examples of this work.

Woman’s bare back

Skin lotion: delivering moisture where it’s needed

The secret of taking care of your skin lies in getting moisture to all its layers – and keeping it there.

Using Cif Power Dream on a hob

Shielding against stains

Every so often great innovations are discovered more by chance than by design. The development of Cif Shield Technology started with just such an accidental observation: one that unlocked the secret to superior cleaning.

Woman washing

Clean clothes, less water

Rinsing clothes is the most water- and time-consuming part of hand washing. How are we helping?

Young woman against sky, portrait, view from below

Smoother, straighter hair

There’s a good reason why Sunsilk is the number one hair care brand in Asia, Latin American and the Middle East, and the fastest-growing in Europe - tip-targeting technology.

jogging man

Intelligent deodorant

Our Rexona deodorant uses body-responsive micro-capsule technology that kicks in when it’s needed most, giving people the confidence to face the day's more stressful situations.

mom and girl enjoying ice cream

Cool ice cream innovations

Unilever has found a way to make ice cream healthier as well as really tasty. It has all been possible thanks to a new ice cream ingredient discovered by Unilever's ice cream scientists.

Knorr stockpot used in making soup

Knorr: a revolution in stock

Knorr helps home-cooks provide natural and nutritious meals for their families in a convenient way. This story describes the transformation of one of Knorr’s iconic products: the bouillon cube becomes the Stock Pot.

Magnum icecream

Pioneering technology for Magnum Temptation

Since its launch in Europe in the early 90s, Magnum has grown to be one of Unilever’s biggest brands, bringing real chocolate indulgence to the adult ice cream market.