Future possibilities

We are proud of our reputation as a world leader in research and development through innovation and renovation.

The science behind ice cream’s magic

We have developed a new technology to avoid taste loss in our ice creams.

girl eating ice cream

New technology to improve ice cream’s taste

In conventional ice cream technology, ice cream is produced in 5 Celcius degree after first chilled in containers with 25 Celcius degree temperature.


Our innovation

  • Our investment

    € 928m

    In 2010 Unilever spent €928m on research & development.

  • Our people

    6000 +

    Currently we have over 6000 people working in R&D in all Unilever regions across the globe.

  • Our inventions

    300 +

    We typically file between 250 & 350 new patent applications a year.

  • Our intellectual property

    20 000

    Worldwide we have over 20 000 registered patents & patent applications.

Our R&D experts

Rosemary, Unilever Development Nutrition Manager

Rosemary, Development Nutrition Manager, Durban, South Africa

I am learning every day, especially about partnership management.

Our R&D centres

Testing jars in our R&D lab in Cisterna

Unilever R&D, Shanghai

R&D in Shanghai focuses on synthetic chemistry and traditional Chinese medicine.

Some of our locations worldwide