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Wall’s provides more irresistible IC experiences and joyful moments

Consistent Innovation

Wall’s has been consistently creating superb innovation throughout the years to satisfy consumer needs in all segments for both In Home and Out of Home brand. By combining good products and an excellent 360 degrees communication mix, we always try to bring love and fun for everyone. With 12 brands and more than 60 variants, Wall’s has now become the first ice cream choice for Indonesian consumers.

Did You Know

  • Based on some studies, ice cream does not cause cough or flu. Coughs and colds are usually caused by allergic condition, viruses, or bacteria. So, not due to food and cold beverages including ice cream. 

  • Ice cream can be a good snack choice; because it is made of quality material, with measurable calories, contains milk and calcium for several variants, and can be added with fruits, nuts and other healthy foods for creation.

Taste Joy

In a world where our everyday lives are dominated by demands, duties, stresses and schedules, we’ve become so preoccupied with life that we forget what living really means. We, Wall’s, the largest and the most loved ice cream brand have been offering moments of all-absorbing pleasure and carefree joy for generations, everytime, everywhere and through each and every one of our products. We will invite the world to……………….
                Act a little more spontaneously
                Savour the moment
                Feel a little more joy each day
                Live more from the heart

With the new campaign “Taste Joy”, Wall’s ice cream continues to give a pleasure in every moment of happiness. Wall’s always offers new and exciting products, with new fresh theme in every year from Paddle Pop, every day pleasures from Magnum Infinity, mixture of fruits and fresh milk from Wall’s Buavita Smoothies, a new campaign “Enjoy the Ride, Love the Ending” from Cornetto which reflects the dynamics of teen’s life, and many other exciting campaign.


This year, Wall’s excite the ice cream market by launching new products : Paddle Pop Dinoterra, Magnum Infinity  &  Magnum mini, Wall’s Buavita Smoothies, Dung-Dung cup, Wall’s Selection Cobranding.

Wall’s is ready to spread JOY all around the world!

Walls Taste Joy

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